Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Angels from Heaven

As I look back now, knowing what my life purpose is, I can see some very clear neon signs that my angels from heaven had been turning on for me. Knowing as they do that I am anxious about the other side, they have been gently trying to wake me up over many, many years. They have ramped this up considerably over the last 12 months and my fears are slowly subsiding and being replaced by a sense of awe and wonder interwoven with a huge dose of excitement.

They're sending me many wonderfully creative and awesomely left of field ideas, and leading me to information that validates those ideas with books and websites that are jam packed with undeniable guidance that is nudging me in the right direction.

But by far the most gentle and incredibly moving tap on the shoulder came to me in the form of a little girl who looks just like my daughter. Twice she has tried to "wake me up" and now with the help of others, she has succeeded.  

Her name is Crystel and the first time she came to me, it was the middle of the night. Brendan, Tyra, Baden & I were sleeping over at my sisters house. Brendan & I were in the lounge room asleep on the floor when I felt one of the kids climb onto the foot of the blow up bed we were on, I woke and looked at her and said "Tyz are you OK", she looked at me with the most amazing smile and faded away. This of course jolted me bolt up right in my bed, I was confused, but had a hypersensitive awareness that something amazing had just happened. The next visit came many months later and not long before I started to do my guided meditations. Again it was in the middle of the night and one of the kids came to my side of the bed, shook my arm and said Mum...I woke and looked at her, again saying "Tyz are you OK", and again she smiled her beautiful smile and disappear before my eyes.

Now I knew I was seeing a little girl that was mine, who was not my daughter Tyra,  I got up and went to Tyra's room, just to be sure ...lol, and she was sound asleep in her bed. In hind sight my beautiful little angelic visitor also looked just a little bit older than Tyra.

I eventually asked through meditation, if the hunch I had about our beautiful little angel being the baby I had lost before having Tyra & Baden was true, and this was what I received;

Yes she is, her name is Crystel and she protects Tyra & Baden fiercely - she plays when they play and laughs when they laugh. She also cry's when they cry.

She thinks you are to hard on Tyra.

I thought to myself "I don't think I would have named her Crystel."

What I received next was simple and to the point, as always.

"You didn't"

I found it hard to hear that Crystel thought that I was too hard on Tyra, but it was also heart warming to know that she is a protective big sister. I will make sure in future that I am not expecting Tyz to be more than the beautiful girl that she is.

What powerful and amazing things I am discovering. I was diagnosed with having had an early stages miscarriage almost two years prior to having Tyra & Baden, so early in fact that I didn't share what I was going through with anyone but my husband, to know that this little angel has been with us the whole time and has been instrumental in waking me up to my life's purpose is more moving than I can express.

All I can say is, in my experience God really does work in mysterious ways and that every single thing I have gone through has had it's purpose, it is up to me now to pursue my life's purpose with a passion. 

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