Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Big Roary Lions have Long Teeth ~ Sisters really do make the best friends

It's funny, the strangest things can remind you of how lucky you are. Like today for instance, my sister Deb asked me for a quick favour, so I sat in the car with my 2 year old nephew Tyler, while his mum ran to do a quick errand, anyone who has or has had a 2 year old knows that you can not do anything quickly, so I was happy to help.
I was sitting in the front seat with Tyler behind me in his seat, in silence, when I heard a gruff little voice say " I went a Sydney yesaday!" I turned around and said, I know darlin' you went to the zoo [it was a month or more ago but to Tyler every thing was yesterday]. We sat in silence again for a moment and the same little gruff voice said " Big roary Lions have long teeth"...and then we went on to talk about all the other animals at the zoo until Deb, got back to the car.
As we drove off I said to Deb, did you know " Big roary Lions have long teeth " ... being that I have recently started interpreting small words of wisdom on my fb page, she looked at me quizzically thinking I was trying to make up some profound wisdom referring back to our previous conversation [that's another story] and when I explained that they we're Tylers words of wisdom...we both got a fit of the giggles, Deb finally saying.."mmm, thought you could do a bit better than that!" Mind you I loved it and have turned it into a Tylers wisdom.
Sitting in the car at that moment reminded me of how many times this had happened before....

  • Me teaching Deb to drive, on a dirt road...too fast into the corner, car nose first into a ditch ...back wheels off the ground, our cousin Scotty having to rescue us...fits of giggles!
  • Deb and I behind the counter at the store we worked in together, I look down...fall over laughing, Deb looks at where I'm pointing...does the same! I've just found my pill packed that has been missing in action for over a week sitting up proudly in the jewellery cabinet...obviously neither of us had dusted the cabinet in quite some time..takes a while to pick our selves up off the floor.
  •  Me buying two chocolate flakes, I get in the car, pass one to Deb, as I take the wrapper off mine I look over at Deb to say something only to see her licking the crumbs off her finger before I had even taken a bite of mine...fits of giggles
  • Driving through Sydney on a buying trip, in fits of giggles about who knows what, Deb gets mascara in her eyes, tears up and is now driving blind, crosses a lane of traffic & jumps the gutter, luckily nothing gets hit...busy Sydney siders don't blink an eye, we look at each other in amazement... fit's of giggles

And these are just some of many, so I have to say that nothing makes me laugh like my sisters as nobody knows me better, we have travelled a long and sometimes winding road together my 2 sisters and I  [and that's also another story] but it always leads back to each other! Sisters really do make the best of friends. And I'm reminded often how lucky I am to have mine.

NB: Our sister Sue was busy raising four beautiful daughters during the times mentioned above, had she had the time...she would have been in fits of giggles with us!

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