Monday, 17 September 2012

Bottle or Boob

It was in the media again yesterday, as it is at least a couple of times a year and it still makes the little hairs prickle on the back of my neck when I hear this subject raised, again & again. Yet another study has been done into the benefits of breast feeding or bottle feeding babies, to be honest this time I didn't even bother  listening to the outcome of said study because like most mums out there, new or old I'm just sick of all the studies.
When I was pregnant with my two I had no pre planned idea of which way I was going to go, which was lucky as my initial choice was taken away by nature, my two beautiful tiny babies had to be formula fed through a tube in their noses when they came into the world 8 weeks early as I had no milk to feed them. It took almost 3 weeks of pumping around the clock, sometimes for only a thimble full of milk which was then added to the formula, before my milk  finally came in. So in our case without the formula our babies wouldn't have survived.
When my milk did come through it was rich & plentiful so I was able to go on and breast feed until Tyra & Baden turned one, not because I was a better mum than if I had have kept on with formula but because in our circumstances breast feeding worked for all of us. The children were good feeders, I had plenty of milk and no complications other than really sore nipples & hard painful breasts once in a while. Not long after Tyra & Baden turned one they went from breast to bottle with little effort until they were able to drink from a cup.
 As a team it worked for us. That's not the case for everyone, each new baby that is born has a different set of circumstances surrounding them, a mum that breast fed her first baby may have to bottle feed her second. In my experience personally & through talking to many other mum's it's never simply a decision to do one or the other. It's one taken with much consideration of all involved and I suspect in a lot of cases there is a fair amount of mothers guilt thrown in no matter which method is chosen, because we are never going to please everyone and there will always be someone out there ready to judge one way or the other. That is why as a mum you need only please yourself and your baby because really in the scheme of things it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, you know your baby better than anyone else, you know what their needs are and that's all that really matters.

So what's better bottle or boob, in my situation I'm definitely going to say it was both. I doubt that there is a mum out there that makes the decision lightly or selfishly and who doesn't make it with her babies needs as her priority.

And to all the mums out there feeling judged, try to remember this, other peoples opinions are far more important to them then they should be to you so it can be easier just not to listen.

Baden -:-  Formula Tube Fed

Tyra -:-  Formula Tube Fed

Tyra & Baden -:-  Formula Tube Fed

Baden & Tyra  -:-  Breast Fed

Tyra & Baden -:-  Breast Fed...but almost finished

 Tyra & Baden  -:-  Bottle Fed

I'm pretty sure other than the tube fed pictures above, you would not be able to pick whether Tyra & Baden were breast or bottle fed in any of these pictures if you didn't already know.
They are happy, healthy, well adjusted 8 year olds now & I'm very grateful that what ever their needs are we are living in a time & place that they can be met.

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