Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Children really are the most wonderful people ~ ♥

a true story:
Over a cuppa with my sister this morning, she told me the most beautiful story:

She and her husband had just spent two days in Sydney with their two children and while walking down the busy streets they had to stop many times for their daughter Luca to catch up. 

You see Luca had taken her own hard earned savings to Shop with...

Luca is 7 years old and this was the first time she had walked down the streets of Sydney with the ability to read, and so now when passing the many homeless people in the street she could read their signs.

Luca wasn't looking in shop windows to see what she could buy, she was dropping gold coins in hats...and receiving gratitude in a smile.

By the end of her walk Luca had gladly given away the grand sum of $15.00 and as her Auntie I am so incredibly proud of her as I know how long it took her to save it.

Children really are the most wonderful people ~ ♥

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