Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Making Changes

Every change we make starts
 with a small step 

Some changes occur in our lives without our conscious permission, and others we invite whole hearted through making the small steps it takes, one foot in front of the other to better ours or someone else's given situation. And sometimes simply by bettering our own circumstance, we also better others without ever knowing...so it  occurred to me recently that I do not need to be afraid of change.

I have always liked to know which direction I'm heading in [still do in ways, but I am being challenged to relinquish a little control..lol] , organised chaos is OK but I have never liked the plan to change direction without notice.

So the last couple of weeks have had my head in a bit of a spin. Through a course of small steps I was willing to take, in the hope of increasing my own inner peace, I have found a whole new world has opened up to me. This has happened in magical ways that now have me enjoying my choices.

I have found that the difference between doing what I know and doing what I love is enormous, and if you follow your hearts desire, deaf to the expectations of all but those who matter, then what you love will come to you if you're not already doing it. 

It's not religion that I have found, I have always had strong beliefs, it is my confidence and faith in myself. I now acknowledge that I have the ability to listen to my gut, follow my intuition and embrace the joy I have discovered in telling myself it's OK to follow my own dream. Because that makes me happy, that is enough.

So what is my dream...the same one I have had since I was very young and the one I'm lucky enough to be living, it is being a Mum & wife in a phenomenal family and being at home every day to enjoy it. This gives me the freedom to pursue my other love, which until recently I haven't practised publicly. And that is sharing loving & positive thoughts, inspirations & my pursuit of wisdom, relaxation & peace with anyone who might find it helpful & healthful.

So for anyone out there that doesn't think that they are living their own dream yet...remember every change we make starts with a small step. And to all who know they are, good job...because, we all deserve our hearts desire.

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