Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Finding Strength !

What a beautiful day for a run, well not really. But a beautiful, crystal clear, perfection kind of a day all the same. And although I had to head out for a run, my mood was good and I decided to get out and about and get it over and done with early. Feeling very pleased with myself, I happily announced that I was hitting the road, knowing that the PT would be pleased with me also, as he hadn’t had to badger me into making a start. “Good on ya” he said with a huge smile, “you have to add another ½ a km today.”

Was that my heart I felt hitting my toes? “Not so jovial now are we”, I thought to myself as I pulled on my smashingly chic, grey suede Nikes with hot pink trim and laces. Now I found myself making my way begrudgingly out the door. How quickly things can change.

It wasn’t until I was almost 1 km into the run that I stopped the “I hate run extensions” pity party, as it was about then that the thought came to me; “there are people all over the world right now, at this very moment, who  would be so grateful just to be able to go for a run.”  Within the reach of my own tight circle of family and friends, people I care about are currently using everything they have within them, courageously striving to recover their health and or physical fitness, after having it placed in jeopardy through no fault of their own. In each case their lives and the lives of their loved ones have changed completely in the blink of an eye, yet each one of them are moving forward in their lives with grace and strength, supported by the love that surrounds them.

At that point, the running became easy as I thought about my very inspirational friends. Now as I ran, I sent out prayers, blessings and positive affirmations, asking that they may all have their daily burdens eased so that they and their families need only to focus on a speedy and complete recovery. And for that I prayed as well.

When I finished my run, my PT asked how I went. Fighting back tears I replied, “Really well, I just had to change my mind set.” He looked at me quizzically, taking in my bleary eyes and said “Good job”, gave me a pat on the shoulder and left it at that. He knows me well and guessed what had spurred me on, without me having to say too much.

I am very grateful for every day that I wake feeling healthy and strong and will try not to take that for granted, ever. I know that life is precious and precarious, and can change direction in a heartbeat.  Now, as the years pass, I find making the choices to do the things I love, with the people I love, along with saying no to the things I don't wish to do, much easier. 

I hope the same is true for you.

And on those days that come along when I need a little extra strength or inspiration to get through them, I don't have to look very far to find it.

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