Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fun Run

Team Skarzrusty
My first fun run for the year, done and dusted! This does not necessarily mean that I'll be doing another one any time soon. Having said that though , it was actually a really fun morning. I lined up with my two team mates, Sue & Deb, despite Sue nursing a problem knee and Deb only just cracking a 5km distance the week before. With our support team of husbands, PT and children on the sidelines, team Skarzrusty  were ready to go!
My goal was to finish and to do so without stopping or walking, which I did as did the other two girls. Deb and I came in seconds apart, while Sue who has long been considered the athlete of the family [by Deb & I] although the eldest came in about four minutes in front.
Did it matter that the guy that came in first had finished the race as I was turning the half way mark, absolutely not, because truly only a freak of nature can run 3 minute km's in a fun run, up hills and over dirt tracks, surely. Although not considered fast or to have any sort of running technique to speak of, I am nothing if not consistent and determined and that made my fun run a very successful event. Being showered with flower petals at the finish line by my two gorgeous children along with my niece and nephew while dolphins played in the water by the finish line made it an unforgettable memory.

Team Skarzrusty with our PT
A big thank you to my sisters for completing my team and helping me to make exercise a daily habit in my life.
And all my love and gratitude to my husband / PT for starting me on my fitness journey all those months ago, and guiding me every step of the way.

I am one very lucky girl!

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