Monday, 17 September 2012

Girls Night Out - A Hens Event!

It only seems like yesterday that my sister bought home her beautiful twin daughters Kahli & Teagan, but it was a little over 23 years ago and on the 29th of October this year we will be celebrating Teagans wedding.

So of course her mum Sue, our younger sister Deb & I were more than excited to celebrate Teagz Hens Event with a much anticipated weekend away. We spent a fabulous day with Teagan along with her 3 gorgeous sisters their friends & Sues friends, with a big part of the day having all 33 of us enjoying beauty & spa treatments together. And it was here that for the first time I was referred to as "an older lady" with much kindness & no malice intended, just very mater of fact by a gorgeous young 20 something beauty therapist.

The words hit me like a brick, stung a little and then they were gone, followed by very helpful tips on what colours "a lady of my age " should be wearing to create a more youthful look. I smiled and thanked her graciously for her advice, and silently for the realisation that I am now considered by some to be an older lady. Although it's not how I see myself most days I am happy to be one, as the alternative is not very attractive....

Funnily enough while writing this blog a commercial for the Australian Menopause Centre has just come on TV with a gorgeous lady sneezing, wetting her pants & laughing about it! Although I'm not quiet there yet [if you don't count jumping on trampolines] at 46, maybe it's not that far away so I'll polish of my sense of humour and say bring it on...I'm ready for anything.

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