Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I Believe

It's funny, I had never in my entire 47 years stopped to think that someone would considered me to be a non believer, simply because I didn't go to a particular Church... until a conversation I had with an acquaintance not so long ago. And although I don't frequent churches very often, except when attending weddings, funerals & Christenings...I have always loved them, the look of them, the smell of them and the peaceful feeling that comes over me when I walk into them.

You see my mum was raised in a strict Catholic family & my dad was raised by a strict Anglican mum... my sisters and I were raised strictly non-denominational, christened Anglican and given the freedom to follow our own path.

I loved scripture lessons at school, especially the bible stories and from when I was very young was given honest answers by my mum when asking her questions about what we were learning. I remember her talking positively to me about God, the angels, fairies and everything else she believed in that she thought would bring me peace & joy.

Because of this I found it completely normal to ask God to help me when I needed it and I remember very clearly the first time he answered my prayers. I was about 10 years old and my older sister had lost her silver locket while we were playing, she was really upset so I suggested that we pray to God to help us find it. When I looked down it was laying in the grass at my feet.

Since then my prayers have been answered many times, and pretty much always when asked with pure & clear intent.

So not only am I a believer, I have been a believer all my life....and I am most definitely  a true believer in that we should all have the freedom to pray our own way.

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