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I did it...12 months of regular daily fitness with My Free PT!

Yesterday I officially marked 12 months of regular daily fitness! Now fitness is simply a part of my plan, but I have to say that I’m still quietly proud of myself for sticking with the program under the watchful guidance of my fabulous Personal Trainer.

I feel fantastic and I am so much stronger than I used to be, I can now do 3 sets of 5 chin ups followed by 7 reverse chin ups and have conquered 3 sets of 17 push ups from my toes...wooohooo, I've worked hard for that from a level of zero fitness so I'm very pleased with myself. I still absolutely struggle with stomach work and maintain some softness around the middle but as I have said before it was my children's first home and they were in there together so I can live with a little bit of softness. Mind you my PT says that I'm still just carrying a bit of extra fat so if I watched my nutrition I would be really cut [muscled up to the max], yes I know, lucky my husband didn't sat that!

I had reached my goal weight within the first 8 to 12 weeks of training thanks to an intensive start up exercise program, so maintaining motivation to stay on track and increase my strength and fitness became my goal with Teagan's wedding, back in the beginning, giving me a timeline to focus on. Now that the wedding has come & gone I needed to find new motivation & focus and believe it or not I found it while on holidays on the Gold Coast!!
More about that in my next post!

To those of you new to my blogbelow is a diary of posts about my journey toward a fitter lifestyle  over the last 12 months, transferred to this post from my previous Free PT Pages...I have collected them into one place for easy access. Every now and again I skim through them to remind myself to keep up the good work!

For those of you who have already read them feel free to skim back over them at any time if ever you need to!

My Free PT -:- Sept 2011
The Finish line is Fast Approaching!
Sept 26/2011

I have now bought all the posts across from my old blog...updates are complete! All PT blogs to follow will be shared after the fact! Teagan's wedding & then a week’s holiday on the Gold Coast for the Maloney Family is fast approaching; my finish line is in sight.
Today's message from my Personal Trainer has just come through, yes they still come daily... cardio is now our main focus until we cross the finish line! Damn it...I hate cardio, because of my gammy calf I'm restricted to cycling, because it's the school hols that's 45 minutes on a wind trainer or  30 minutes on the bike broken up with 2 circuits. I can't make up my mind which ones going to be easiest!!!! Yes even this far down the track I'm still looking for the easy way out, some things never change!

Cheers for now x

My Free PT -:- Jan-Aug 2011
It's been ages since my last post & July/ august have been crazy busy....along with family & house I've closed my showroom, refocused my business & crashed my website! I still have a recurring calf injury but have soldiered on with my training none the less!
I have been at my goal weight for months now & I'm not going to lie it's fabulous to feel slim again but at my age it's even better to be strong [I can now do 3 full chin ups before finishing a set of 12 with reverse chins x 3], no longer having to think about hiding my extra size...& yes I did a fairly good job of that pre pt, because not even friends & family knew how many extra unhealthy kg’s I had been carrying. It is an ongoing head game though as it can be harder to find the motivation to do the hard yakka when you don't think you look or feel like you need to anymore...but believe me the old use it or lose it still stands, you can lose the strength as quick as you add on the extra kilos if you don't find that motivation somewhere! Summers coming...hitting the beach with the family is motivation enough for me at the moment!
And yes, I’m on track & loving it!!
Up dated progress photo:

Mar 18 /2011
Here’s my latest photo update!
I have to say I’m really pleased with where I am … there is still some cellulite & tummy softness, no matter how much I train there will most likely always be some, but that’s ok as 7 years ago i had a waist measurement of over 100cm so I’m not going to complain & as my kids lovingly squeeze my tummy I remind them that it was their first home & they were in there together, so i choose to embrace a little softness.

My PT Progress Report
Mar 2 /2011
My PT progress report came through this morning and I’m definitely on track & happy with how I’m going.
Monday was 15 weeks training; 7 days a week an hour a day with only 2 days off, that alone for me is a massive achievement. I started out doing sets of 10 push ups from my knees and have increased to 28, not being able to lift my feet of the ground when attempting to do a chin up, now can do 2 ½ [I know it’s only 2 but really give it a go…no jumping allowed]! And have increased my level in the beep test…still lots of work to do here but i am getting my head around it.

For those interested in the numbers I have lost 4 kilo [which is a dress size] & am back to my correct weight for height, got the flu & had it for about 3 days instead of 10, am wearing the little denim cut offs I had from lucid that were my goal clothing item …and was blown away the other day after swimming at the beach with Bren & the kids [in a bikini..Yes I know at my age, like with the little daisy dukes doesn’t mean you should just because you can.. Lol] when Tyra came up afterward & said “mum it’s good that you’ll come swimming with us now & you don’t even care if the water’s cold”….has anyone else ever used that excuse not to uncover at the beach or is it a Callieism? It has always been my excuse for being a bystander on the sidelines watching my family enjoying themselves. Now i participate in every part of my life!

So here I am just 15 weeks in, where I wanted to be by Teagan & Eggo’s wedding in October which is another 7 months away. Having reached the goals that I had set early on I guess I’m going to have to set some new ones.

And all that’s left to say today is thank god for my pt & team mates; they really are making this journey easier than I thought it ever could be, and good on me for putting in the hard work!
Cheers, more soon x
No excuses!..Training with an injury.
Feb 12 /2011
Once upon a time there was a girl who hated exercise & would do anything in her power to avoid it, I’m happy to say that she has changed her ways. Now not even a slight calf injury has stopped me. The team is still going strong, Deb & sue are as committed as I am to fitting workouts into our daily routines and I must say both are looking fabulously fit. Although Deb & I both have injuries at the moment our pt has adjusted our workouts so that we can still train to the required cardio intensity without doing any further damage and he throws in all the stretching exercise necessary for recovery. So another good reason for having a pt on board is that you know he’ll find a way around any hick up, so there are no excuses!
To all of the enthusiastic girl’s out there that have asked me what !’ve been doing to get some good & fast results, I’m sorry that I cant be more specific as everything Brendan sends through to me has been tailored for me & my level of fitness …that’s why the PT has been invaluable.
I do cardio & strength every day for at least an hour. It varies daily with the intensity increasing with fitness; my level of fitness is measured constantly with workout feedback & one on ones with my PT.
A couple of little pearls of wisdom that i can pass on, that were passed on to me [most you will know already, but it doesn’t hurt to hear them again] are:
· Move your body, anything you do is better than nothing.
· If you can’t find an extra hour in your day [lets face it who can] workout what you can replace with your new exercise commitment. For me it was giving up an hour of computer time each day, sure I don’t get as much marketing done on my website or fb pages but I’m much healthier & happier for it.
· Consistency is the key, I can’t stress that enough. Try to do something everyday, just like showering & cleaning your teeth you shouldn't have to think about having to do it, just do it!
· If you’re walking for your cardio & can hold a conversation while doing it, you’re not exercising your socialising…sorry this is tough but true. Having said that if you weren’t doing anything the day before & this is your starting point you’re still moving your body so thumbs up for getting started.
· don’t focus on the numbers, a lot of people have asked how much weight I‘ve lost & in 12 weeks [or there about] I’ve lost a couple of kilo but that has translated into a dress size & a half, I'm stronger, I’ve toned up & my body shape is changing. My shoulders are squarer which along with some trimming down has given me back my waist, my bum & thighs have also toned up and I’m now back to my correct weight for height [yes I’m at a distinct disadvantage here as I am only 5’ tall ] I'm also back to my original dress size. So I have to say I am pretty happy with how things are going & it really has surprised me that you can bring a level of fitness back from wherever you are.
· Like everything in life you will get out of a commitment to fitness what you put into it, a little or a lot it really is up to you.

so to all of you fabulous girls [& guys] out there who are joining this little fitness revolution with us, well done & I hope you are all getting as much out of it as I continue to.
More soon, cheers xx

* Sept 23/2011
I can't shake the damn calf injury, but still training, fit & healthy!! Sue has a knee injury but is still training, fit & healthy. Deb has the biggest hurdles to beat, having a 19 mnth old & 6 yr old who both suffer serious food intolerance's, that flared to a point of hospitalisation for her bub at one point, Deb has know time to sacrifice for her own benefit, but is still managing to get both cardio & strength exercises in where she can. Although she can't do this consistently, she hasn't given up & is still fit & healthy. However this is no consultation as her children, due to their intolerance's often are not! She is amazing!
Why a personal trainer?
Feb 12 /2011

thank you everyone for your kind comments on my progress so far, it’s very much appreciated and encourages me to soldier on.
For me a good personal trainer has been the key to everything. About 9 weeks ago I received an email out of the blue saying “your training starts next week”. To my pt’s surprise I replied “ok”. And that was the start of it.
I had always been a lazy exerciser, I have had a go at different times in spits & spurts but not stuck it out for long enough to see results since my wedding in 99 [the last time I used my pt]. So as it turns out having a pt to answer too keeps me motivated. Along with the knowledge, feedback & encouragement that come from someone who knows what they’re doing. My pt was tailored a program that suits me, my ability & my life style that works efficiently. This means as long as I stick to the program he sets [which takes an hour a day/ 7 days a week where possible] I get the results I want. There’s also some hard work thrown in, but that’s not news to anyone. If there was a pill you could take that worked, let’s face it we’d all be taking it!
I haven’t had to diet although I do make better choices now & rarely go back for seconds anymore unless I’m actually still hungry. I didn’t have too many kg to loose according to the scales…but to be honest the numbers don’t mean much, it’s the toning, strength & sense of well being that I needed and are where I feel the biggest benefits. Feeling like I look better, healthier & fitter is definitely a part of the big picture though.
In summary: how I’m doing it.
1. Using a personal trainer [essential for me otherwise i wouldn’t have had a clue what to do]
2. Rope in some team mates [thanks Deb & sue for coming on this trip with me]
3. Eating sensibly [calories in, calories out its simple mathematics]
4. Making my commitment to health & fitness public [keeps me honest]
5. Setting small goals along the way & rewarding myself when i reach them
So to all that maybe thinking 2011 is their year to make a start toward a healthier life I say do it, you won’t look back.

Why a personal trainer
* Sept 23/2011
because without mine I'm pretty sure I would have given up months ago, he is my motivator & as I have to reply to his emails daily, he keeps me honest!

Before & after
Jan 11 / 2011 6:59pm
When I started this journey I decided I would do a progress report with pictures as well as the written word. Having just past the 8 week mark I have my first comparison pictures to post, I’m definitely fitter & healthier, and would like to thank my pt for his knowledge, patience & encouragement.
At times like this when I see nature at its worst i realise again how precious life is, I’m grateful for my good health & well being along with that of family & friends. And I am even more determined to live my best life.


8 Weeks into my 12 week Program

after 8 weeks my goal was reached; maintaining it will be my challenge!

* Sept 22 /2011
The hardest thing to do in this whole process would be posting pic's of myself on my blog...but they are relevant to the journey so I will add another one when I hit the 12 month milestone!
I found that i lost most of the extra kilos I needed to loose, to be happy with myself, in the first 8 weeks. The rest of the journey has been building muscle & maintaining fitness! I now feel fabulously strong & this week managed to get out 16 push ups from my toes... After already doing 2 lots of 15, doesn't sound like a lot but when I started [back when these photos were taken] I could only manage 5 from my knees!

Week 8 done & dusted [i think]
Jan 8 /2011 12:54am
Week 8 done & dusted [I think] I’ve started to loose count!
They say it takes 10 days to create or break a habit! Well who ever they are I think they may be right. I have surprised myself and many others by sticking to a regular fitness routine, now I think it has finally become a habit. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it, I just do it. A bit like getting up having breakfast & cleaning your teeth, not ground breaking, but necessary!
So for everyone out there that may think an old dog can’t change its way’s [ ! May have mixed up my sayings there!], take heart [I’m neither old nor otherwise] but I think I may have changed mine and 8 weeks ago I may not have believed that to be possible! It has helped that I have noticed lots of changes for the better in both mind & body, old fav’s fit again and there is a definite hint of abs trying to poke back through, along with more of an "I can" rather than "I wish I could" attitude.
So bring on the next 8 weeks i say…& it’s reward time again so I’m going shopping, wooohooo!

My free PT -:- Jan-Aug 2011
On track & loving it
Aug 25 /2011

My Free PT -:- Dec 2010
Dec 1 /2010 9:53pm
Today I was ready & willing to hit the road, I have found some focus by adding a bit of meditative breathing [also helps to quiet the monkey mind] and get me in to a rhythm while holding off those awful stiches…yep I am starting from zero fitness! I’m not over weight by a lot, about 5kg but after taking my starting photo I said to my PT “why do I look bigger [especially in photos] than I look on the scales? He replied without judgement “It’s because you’re about 10 % bigger than you used to be”. This comment stopped me in my tracks, I guess I just didn’t notice it sneak up on me. Which made me think …lucky I’m making a start, because I don’t want to be 20 % bigger next year!
The funny thing is when my PT told me that I’m just a bigger person than I used to be I took know offence, if my husband had said that I probably wouldn’t speak to him for a week!

Week 3 day 1
Dec 5 /20010 5:19pm

I’d like to welcome my new team mate & congratulate her on completing her first week with her [our] PT. Good job Deb! We have shared many things over the years, clothes, jobs & accommodation among them. I think sharing a common goal in having a fitter & healthier life style will be one of the most important!
I would like to say here that this blog is in no way a fitness & training program, it is not meant to be taken as advice or instruction in any way or form. It is simply a diary of my journey toward fitness & health, all fitness & exercise activities discussed are tailored specifically for me through consultation with my PT.
Now starting my third week I am seeing subtle changes for the better, and not necessarily ones I thought I’d see straight away. My attitude is probably the most noticeable; I’m not finding the commitment to set aside time for exercise a chore & now enjoy the fact that I am spending an hour a day on myself!
My biggest excuse previously not to exercise was that “I simply don’t have the time to do it” Pooh, poohing all suggestions that you can find time! Well I don’t have anymore time in my day now than I had before, but I do spend an hour a day less at the computer…this comes at the expense of my online business [so please if you need something do not hesitate to ring us & accept my apologies if I have missed any messages... ] Yes, I have learned to prioritise. And honestly if Deb can do it with a Kinder kid, an almost 1 Year old, a busy business & the many other challenges that come up…well honestly who can’t…she trains at about 5am every morning, that’s a huge effort?
I have to thank my PT now because it’s his encouragement along with my daily emailed program, to which I reply with feedback good &/or bad from my session, that keeps things interesting! I also know he’s whipped me into shape before & can again.
The photo above was taken on our honeymoon, the last time my Free PT trained me although taken over 10years ago it’s what I’m aiming for again, a little ambitious…probably! But there’s no point if you’re not trying your hardest!

Sep 22/2011
Again this blog was written from my perspective I am lucky enough to have an hour a day that  I have been able to sacrifice for the sake of my fitness and sanity, I know that a lot of people don't have that luxury, so do what you can when & where you can...for me I love my sweets & desserts but know if I'm going to eat them I'm also going to have to work them off, so if I don't have time to do the extra work....I don't eat them. It really is simple mathematics!
PS: almost 12mths down the track I still don't quite look like this pic...but I almost have the arms back!! 

Team Training
Dec 7 /2010 6:00pm
Today we had our first team training session with our PT. And now I know why people have them!  I thought I was putting 100% effort into my strength training, but doing it with your PT standing over you, you can find that bit extra to give. It was also helpful to have a team mate sweating through the challenges with me, thanks Deb I could hear & feel your pain!
I can’t exactly say that I’m addicted to doing this stuff, but I’m now at a point where I’m really happy to be doing it. Now if I can find the mental toughness to push myself through the pain barrier [my thresh hold is still not high but I am working on it] I think that I can get into this fitness  thing. My PT say’s that I’ll eventually be able to do all that’s required without his help, I think that might be a way off yet!
Keep up the good work Deb, you were great today!
Sep 22/2011
I still need some more mental toughness, and I still can't see myself knowing all I have to do to get by without my PT!

Reward Yourself
Dec 13 / 5:56pm
Well I have passed my first training milestone, 4 weeks along & still going strong the last 3 of which have been 7 days a week.  I’m very pleased with myself as I’ve never been known to stick to a fitness plan so this is definitely a good start! Even the PT is pleased with me giving me the option of a day of rest, to his surprise & my own I chose to train.  I do believe in rewarding good work though so I will treat myself to something I would really like each time I successfully pass another 4 week mark. Lunch or a movie, an afternoon to read or relax at the beach a new dress or as in the case for my first reward 3 new pieces of pretty lingerie, sounds extravagant but really it isn’t as they’re all from my shop!
I can now definitely see results from all the hard work I’ve put in, I am feeling much stronger & far more energetic. Surprisingly it hasn’t been difficult to fit an hour of exercise in a day, although it does help that my PT is really flexible, he understands how busy a mum’s life is. So whether you’re a stay at home, a work from home or a work outside the home mum. His priority list goes like this: [copy & pasted from one of his training session emails]
Your order of priority should be:
1.       Your kids
2.       Yourself
3.       All the other shit (Husbands & partners included here sorry)

Good advise for all of us really in any situation.

I have also picked up another team member, who will be starting with us after Christmas. Welcome aboard Sue, with Teagan’s wedding in October next year we have something special to work toward, that will keep us all focused.
However being that my sisters and I are all in our 30’s & 40’s, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about a fitter & healthier life for each of us. None of us are over weight by more than a few kilos if at all; we are not on a weight loss program, more like a health & fitness maintenance program. Maintaining a healthy weight, gaining strength, cardio fitness & better health all round is definitely my long term goal & that of my sisters I’m sure.

I’ve added some pictures of my rewards…I apologise for the shameless advertisement but we really do have some very pretty lingerie at  .
Bloody Beep Test
Dec 29 / 4:52pm
Well can you believe it; another Christmas has come & gone. Along with Christmas came more challenges to a fitness newby, can I enjoy all the festivities with the delicious food & free flowing alcohol without undoing all my good work already put in? Yes I can! With far less difficulty then I had imagined. It started about a week before Christmas; we had family home and of course went out for dinner. Because weight loss isn’t a priority in my new fitness plan, I haven’t really adjusted my diet and ordered as usual, the meal was large & I almost finished it off! Then came time to order dessert & normally full or not I’d fit it in, but these days if I’m not hungry I don’t eat [an unexpected bonus to working hard at being fit is making better choices for myself]. Because everyone is used to me & my love of all things sweet there was a far bit of “go on, you know you want to” being thrown around by others. Then came a very proud moment when my gorgeous 7 year old daughter spoke up & said “mummy you don’t want to because you’ve chosen a better lifestyle haven’t you.” And that right there made all the hard work worth while!
Next came Christmas Day, now when the Maddalena’s get together to eat you know the food‘s going to be good & plentiful & we all like a drink! Throw in Deb & Andy’s hospitality & you have a great Christmas lunch in store. The key here was moderation, a bit of everything & yes a double helping of Lobster Mornay, well who wouldn’t? And for the first time ever I jumped on the scales on Boxing Day without gaining anything, Christmas mission accomplished. [I did train for an hour every day except Christmas day so it wasn’t sheer luck…just hard work & a bit of motivation, which is also coming easier these days].
Now to present day, just when you feel like you’ve got a bit of fitness goin’ on today the PT throws in the bloody beep test! Not easy, and I was crap at it or lets just say there was room for improvement.
Sue smashed me & Deb smashed both of us…but we’re not competitive!
Sue is now on board & because she already has a good level of fitness our training is about to start in earnest!
Attached is a photo of the 3 of us taken a couple of weeks ago at Jordi’s 21st, one of Sue's gorgeous daughters [Sue has 4 daughters, so she knows how to eat pain barriers for breakfast]. I will add another photo of the 3 of us together when we take one at Teagan’s wedding [another of Sue's gorgeous daughters] in October & hopefully we will see some dramatic differences in our level of fitness, I’m thinking some definite muscle definition by then too surely!
Well that’s my journey so far as Tyra so eloquently put it toward “a better lifestyle” for me; my plan is to continue to make exercise & healthy eating an every day event!
Happy New Year everyone, I hope that all your dreams for 2011 come true xxxx

Sep 22/2011: 
So far 2011 has been & friends all happy & healthy what more could you want!!

My Free PT -:- Nov 2011

Almost 12 months ago I received my first email from my Personal Trainer, I hadn't used him in over 10 years and I guess he thought that it was time I got back in the game...I blogged my journey on another blog site which I am winding up so I am bringing all of my blogs over .... Apologies to those who may have read it all before....
How it began -
Nov 30/2010 - 5:48pm

11 years ago I asked my fiance to help me get fit for our up coming wedding, being that he was in training for the Australian Ironman he knew how to get in shape & stay in shape. Our wedding day came around & I was ready!
Fast forward 11 years & we are now the parents of wonderful 7 year old twins Tyra & Baden. Being a full time mum has given me much joy & the perfect excuse [in my mind] to put exercise & myself last, I'm incredibly blessed & very happy but not so fit anymore. So 2 weeks ago Brendan [brave husband & 2 times Australian Ironman finisher] decided to start training me again……..stay tuned for updates on progress along with the odd tantrum. Oh I didn’t mention that my training sessions are all emailed to me from Brendan’s work that way we don't fight!!!

Week 2 day 2:
Nov 30 /2010 5:57pm
It was raining as I pulled the car into the driveway in front of our house today; I had just dropped the kids off at school. I checked my email this morning before I left & I have a 40 min walk/run to do followed by 3 sets of push ups! Now the fact that it’s raining would have been enough of an excuse in days gone by for me to cancel my session, sit down & have a nice cuppa instead, I am also going to mention here that I had my hairdresser straighten my hair yesterday & we all know what the rains going to do to that! But I go inside, put my joggers on & the next thing I know I’m out the door, heading toward the beach! It’s a miracle!! A question for all of the non sporty anti exercisers out there besides me.... who knew you could sweat while running in the rain? 
The beach I walk to on my walk/run day is absolutely beautiful and a fantastic halfway marker to walk toward.
Wish me luck as I put another session behind me & I await my next challenge. Before & present day photos coming soon x
Sep 22/2011
Thank god for the Free PT...He’s turned me around and actually made fitness a habit for me, no I don't luv it but I absolutely luv how it feels!! 

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