Monday, 17 September 2012

It makes sense to me....finding the one!

finding The One...

Love; an affirmation: Divine Love, through me now dissolves 
all seeming obstacles and makes clear,
 easy & successful my way.
-:- Florence Scovel Shinn
I have never thought that there was just one person out there for everyone, I believe most of us get some practice "one's" to help us get the recipe right for when "our right one " comes along. It makes sense to me that all of my practice "one's" have gone on to be the "right one" for someone else, and that all of Brendan's practice "ones" have helped him to become the "right one for me"! Thanks girls for a job well done!

I had a few false starts [practice ones] including a couple of live in relationships & three wrong proposals, two of which I accepted but wasn't willing to share openly... very telling in hindsight, before I accidentally met my "right one". And looking back now I can honestly say the ones that went before were all good practice for when my right one came along!

It also made sense to me not to rush into anything, so I did not marry until I was 34. Which meant a lot of sympathetic looks at family gatherings in my single days, especially after I turned 28. You see I didn't meet my "one" until I was 30...I know shocking to some, I was told more than once by concerned friends of friends that I was to picky and was once even asked by a stranger if I thought I would ever have children, I politely told her I might consider finding a partner first and continued to help her with her purchase!

I guess finding my "one" late had never worried me because I never doubted he'd be out there somewhere... he was and 17 years down the track, so far we seem to be just right for each other!

So I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of the "ones" involved in making us the right one for each other! And to anyone out there who has recently parted from a practice "one"  rejoice, because he or she has just helped you to recognise a little more about what you really do or do not want in your right "one" when he or she comes along.

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