Monday, 17 September 2012

It's the small things!

Tyler with his big cousin Baden
Pretty much every school day afternoon I meet up with Deb & Tyler at the same spot to wait for our 3 big kids to come running out when the bell goes! Well on Tuesday I got to our spot and Deb & my 20 month old nephew were no where to be seen. Next thing I hear this tiny little voice yelling out..."Aunt Tallie", I look around and cant see anyone and think I'm going mad because it sounded just like Tyler. Again I hear his little voice "Aunt Tallie", this time I see him, he gives me a huge wave and an even huger smile as I try to walk toward him while bent over laughing, all the while with him yelling "I in big car", and yes he was hanging out the window of his mums "big car".
I can't explain how happy it made me feel when I realised this little baby boy was yelling out to me, calling my name, after all he is only just learning to talk!! It seems like a small thing to some I guess, but it absolutely made my day.
As a stay at home mum my days are full of small moments, so I'm going to remember to cherish them, as often it's the small moments that make for the most lasting memories.

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