Monday, 17 September 2012 I met my husband

The first thing I will share here, my first post on calliemm is that it truly was fate or serendipity ....the night my husband and I met -- the night that would mark the beginning of our adventure together.

I had been single for about 12 months. Prior to that I had been in three long term relationships that didn't work out. When one ended another one started pretty much straight away; so I was finally taking the opportunity to enjoy the single life, and definitely wasn't  looking for the one, the night we fact I in the middle of planning a trip to Peru with a girlfriend who had reintroduced me into the world of metaphysics. I was reading The Celestine Prophecies at the time, which funnily enough would play a part in how I met my husband on the night in question.

(There is a part in the book where the lead character is told or tells someone that when you make eye contact with a stranger you should follow it up as there is meaning behind that chance moment. I'm going back almost 20 years here! Forgive my vagueness)

There were many serendipitous moments that night, firstly my friend and I decided that we weren't going to go out in our hometown, preferring to head to a club a short drive down the coast. When we got there the club was closed for renovations, so we turned around and came back to our local. Of course Bren was there and it was the first place our eyes met....serendipity, [he told me later that it was rare for him to be out in town as he lived further inland and was only out for a mates farewell...serendipity].

Then my friend and I left and went to another venue around the corner, it wasn't long before Bren and his mates ended up there too,  our eyes met again, several times, across the room -- it was very romantic, in an obvious kind of way that we laughed about a lot, later...serendipity. So now I decided to take some advice from the Prophesies and I went up to him and said hello, I'm not usually that forward but I had to follow the signs :) ...  we started to chat, and as it turned out he already vaguely knew who I was...serendipity.

When he introduced himself, he told me that he was actually a long time friend of my brother-in-law's younger brother...serendipity. How we never ran into each other I don't know... divine timing I suspect. Being that there is a reasonable age difference between us, it made sense that we ran in different circles and although Graeme [brother-in-law's brother] is kind of family we never hung out outside family get together's...  so Serendipity bought Brendan and I together in the end, when it was meant to be... the stars aligned and we met. The rest is our very serendipitous history.

Four years later we were married and 4 years after that we were blessed with twin babies, a little boy and a little girl. Two little people that came into the world because one night their Mum & Dad went out and let Serendipity do it's thing :)

What Serendipitous events have changed your life?

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