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Me & Training

My PT finishing the Australian
Ironman 2000 
26/09/2011 to 17/09/12
Exercise!!! Not my favourite thing to do but I know that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep up with my two young children and one very fit husband, I have to do it!  So late in 2010  I decided to go public with my journey toward a fitter lifestyle, cement my commitment to fitness and to keep myself on track, motivated & maybe even encourage a few friends & family members to come along for the ride or even make a career change!! 
I am happy to share my ups & downs along with the tips & things that I have learnt along the way, that keep me going, even when the decision to "just do it" is hard to make.
Thanks to my personal trainer and my own perseverance & consistency, for the first time in my life exercise is now a part of my daily routine.

I am not a fitness expert and have never been particularly good at any sort of sport so I share my experience regarding fitness here from a layman's perspective. I'm a forty something mum who for the first time in her life has had to decide to use it or loose it.... 

Always seek medical advice before starting a new exercise & fitness regime

** You can see a diary of my fitness journey in our archives .
Date: November  2011 
Post: I did it...12 months of regular daily fitness with My Free PT!

My PT 
Allow me to introduce him, I'm guessing that you may have gathered that it is my husband Brendan. It is not his “real job” rather a labour of love… which is why at the moment the only one’s lucky enough to have him training them are from within his family, my sisters & myself.
Brendan is a husband, a dad and of course works full time at his day job. In the 16 years I’ve known him, he has never been unfit and prior to starting our family when spare time was more plentiful, triathlon was one of his favourite pass times. He is a two time Australian Ironman finisher and has enjoyed many ½ Ironman & short course races …so he knows a thing or two about training, fitness & motivation.

One day in Nov of 2010 Brendan sent me a brief email saying " Training starts tomorrow!" I replied "OK!" and every day since then I have received an emailed training program and have completed all but a few. Because of this my life has been some what transformed for the better and it was already great, so I do consider myself blessed...believe it or not!

Since sharing my journey toward a fitter lifestyle many of you have asked if Brendan might take on more clients, at the moment he can’t but with so much interest the thought is now turning into a maybe, so a new career for my husband maybe on the horizon if I can help it. I will keep you all posted.
Cheers till next time.

*Between the girls & I, we have thrown a lot of curve balls at our poor PT ...including sick children, broken bones & torn muscles...& yes he has kept us training through the breaks & tears! So I big thank you have had the patience of a saint [with me especially xx]

Here's to a fitter & happier life.
Up Date..... 12/03/12
To all those who have asked recently about my fitness journey as you have seen me out & about, thank you for your interest in my progress, you inspire me to want to do better. This is a very brief run down on how I have reclaimed and maintain a better level of fitness and I am so happy that many of you that I know are doing the same. I would love to encourage everyone to share their own journey in some way as you don't know how many people you may be helping to take their first steps toward a fitter, healthier life!

How we got me back on track & enjoying a fitter & happier life.
[If I can do it anyone can!]  
My journey started out with an intensive 12 week, daily exercise program that included both cardio & strength training, which my personal trainer [husband] emailed to me each morning and to which I replied with feed back on how I felt & how I went physically after each session. [Yes we live in the same house...but with our busy family schedule this works wonderfully well] I have added Pictures below from "Before" , " Week 8 " and "week 12" that show my progress during the 12 week program. 

These pictures were taken over 12 months ago & I am happy to say that because of the maintenance program that I have followed consistently 6 to 7 days a week since, I am maintaining and will go so far as to say have increased my level of fitness since completing the initial 12 week program. And yes my new programs are still emailed to me daily by my PT

I commit an hour a day to my health & fitness now, and think I may have reclaimed a few years that I had let slip away as I feel much stronger and far more energetic these days. I actually get fewer colds and flu's in general than I did before changing my lifestyle, this alone is a definite bonus. I have made very few changes to what I eat but I do watch my serving sizes, try NOT to go back for seconds and try to eat whole foods over processed and fast foods most of the time. If I want cake, sweets, a drink of coca-cola or a glass of wine [I have a very sweet tooth] I have them in moderation. This has been a lifestyle change for me and I had to create a lifestyle I could live with for a far it's working out really well. 

I realise I am fortunate and that not everyone has the benefit of a live in PT, but there is so much information available out there on line, with loads of fitness classes, books and magazines to help you, you can do it . 
Find a way to move your body that you enjoy so that you can burn off as much energy as your consuming and you are on your way!!! 
I think its worth it, personally I feel great and I enjoy the fact that I like the way I look again. 

Before - photo by Baden

At Week  8 - photo by Baden

at Week 12 - photo by Baden

07//08/12 - Update
WoW...being that my pursuit of a fitter life style is no longer a pursuit but a simple lifestyle, I have felt that there were no up dates of real interest that I could share with you on fitness.  Only to say that although I am not the strongest and fitess person I know, I can honestly say I remain consistent and much healthier almost two years on, some days I still don't feel like pulling on the joggers but do anyway... and I still don't love exercise, but I do absolutely love how I look and feel now that I have made it a permanent part of my daily life, so although I don't have any exciting regular up dates for you...I will continue to share changes of interest here :)

My Top 5 for getting started & maintaining a new Fitness Plan:

1. If you can, use a personal trainer [essential for me otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue what to do, or where to start.]
2. Rope in some team mates [they help to keep you motivated & honest, because there will be days you just wont want to do it. Your PT also helps here]
3. Eat sensibly & practise restraint [calories in, calories out its simple mathematics] sit down to smaller portions & MOVE AWAY from the food table at parties...hand to mouth can be a subconscious act or it can be with me anyway!! 
4. I made my commitment to health & fitness public by blogging it. [also keeps me honest, it's hard to cheat or give up when people are watching] You don't have to blog yours, but tell your partner, friends & family...who knows you may be able to rope some of them in to joining you.
5. I set small goals along the way & reward myself when I achieved them. Try to remember that it should be a lifestyle change not a quick fix....fad diets usually just don't work in the long term.

So to all who maybe thinking this is their year to make a start toward a healthier life I say do it, you won’t look back.

*Always seek medical advise before starting a new exercise & fitness regime. 

The top 5 that keep me going:

  1. There is no easy way to exercise, just hard work [in my PT's words I have to get over it & get on with it]. But it has payed off in more ways than I could have imagined.
  2. Consistency!  Consistency!  Consistency! I do some sort of training everyday..this really is key for me.
  3. Cheating in training is not cheating my PT it's cheating me!
  4. I don't make motivation or lack of it an's a simple decision , do it or don't ... but I have to live with the consequences! 
  5. I really like the way I look & feel now that I have a stronger, fitter & healthier body.

Helpful Links From The Department of Health & Ageing:

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating:

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What's a Healthy Weight - How to Measure your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Being Active:

Tools & Tips:

Your Weight- Calculate:

Fitness - My favourite take anywhere do anytime:
The Plank.
[I don't love doing it, but I do love the results] -:- no equipment necessary.
The basic plank exercise is a good starting place for improving your core strength & stability. here's how I do it:

1Start in the plank position [similar to a push up] with your forearms and toes on the floor.
2. Keep your torso straight and rigid with your body in a straight line with no sagging or bending.
3. Your Head should be relaxed & looking at the floor
4. Try holding this position for 10 seconds to start with.
5. Hold for a little longer each time you do it, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & so on.

You can do this one in a small hotel bathroom if need be!
I usually do 3 or 4 of them for a minute with a 50 second rest between each or alternate with other exercises during a training circuit. The longest I have held a plank for is almost 4 minutes so far [haven't tried that again since!] as a single exercise not during a circuit.

* I'm pretty sure I heard that the world record for holding a plank was somewhere over 50 minutes...I can't even imagine!!

Always seek medical advise before starting a new exercise & fitness regime.

Fitness - My PT's Priority List for working toward better Fitness :

My PT is really flexible and I can work my programs into my day were it suits me as long as I get them done, he understands how busy a mum’s life is. 
However, whether you’re a stay at home, a work from home or a work outside the home mum. The priority list he expects you to follow is the same and very simple, it goes like this: [ I copy & pasted this from one of his training session emails to me]

Your order of priority should be:
1.       Your kids
2.       Yourself
3.       All the other shit (Husbands & partners included here sorry)

Good advise for all of us really in any situation.

Fitness - Fact:
I don't exercise because I love it, I do it so I can eat cake! 
- Callie MM

Fitness - wisdom:
If your walking & talking your not exercising your socialising.
- Brendan Maloney -:- my PT

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