Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My baby girl is growing up.

Today was a very special day, Easter Sunday 8th April 2012 will forever be remembered in my heart as the day my daughter and I went on our first "grown up" girls shopping trip together, just the two of us as our boy's had headed off to watch the boat racing on the river.
It was such a lovely adventure, almost a right of passage of sorts for my beautiful 8 year old daughter, whose eyes were huge with excitement and giggle hard to contain as we walked into her "little girls holy grail" .... Targets Girls department!
As we filled our arms with faux leather jackets, floral chiffon top's, 60's influenced dresses and the most gorgeous little tees, it dawned on me that my baby girl was gone forever, as amongst the 20 or more items that we were charging toward the change rooms with, not one single piece was pink!
After many fashion combinations were tried on and discussed, Tyra had made up her mind and although we both loved the tan faux leather jacket, it just seemed to make more sense to us to take 4 separate items, that added up to the same price as that gorgeous jacket...for which Lay By was a definite option. [ Yes it's coming back people..anyone else remember when Lay By was the normal way to acquire your new seasons wardrobe?].
So off to the checkout she went with the cutest collection of tops, all in reds, blacks, creams and whites along with a pretty little full circle black mini skirt. Mum then happily paid up! Tyra "had never spent that much money on clothes in all her life" [ her words, a grand sum of $50.00]....and it was done, my baby was now a young girl.
Her parting words as we left the store...." I love Shopping!"

I hope everyone enjoyed the spirit of love this Easter in their very own way xx

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