Monday, 17 September 2012

My Favourite Holiday Pictures!

These are four photo's of one of the nicest things that has happened while on one of our family holidays. Tyra & Baden were both a little anxious to go on what seemed to them at the time, to be a "big kids" ride ...the following photo's caught their first thrill ride experience...

It took some talking but Bades finally gets Tyz to go on a ride with him!

Tyz settles in but the little girl next to her is starting to feel very worried.

Tyz & Bades realise that the little one is scared.

And lend a helping hand...Yes this is my favourite Holiday Picture!

We didn't know this little girl....she was scared as you can see in Pic's, so Tyz & Bades took care of her until the ride finished. I was a very proud Mum and the little girls parents were very grateful for the kindness shown....with the weekend just around the corner enjoy everyone & look after each other! :)

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