Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My greatest wish for my Children

I have the most amazing little boy, he is bright, quiet, active, kind and gentle, stubborn, funny, strong an very protective...he is a loving brother & son, an amazing person. It  occurred to me the other day that one day he will also be a boyfriend and a husband.
He has a wonderful role model in his father, so I can only hope and pray that he will always treat the people he chooses to love with the same respect and gentle kindness that he shows his family now. While receiving the same in return.
I have the most amazing little girl, she is bright, loud, active, kind and caring, an organiser, argumentative, funny & very protective... she is a loving sister and daughter, an amazing person. It occurred to me the other day that she will also one day be a girlfriend and a wife.
I hope that I am a good role model for her and hope and pray that she will accept nothing less than being treated with the same respect & loving kindness she is treated with at home. While showing the same in return.
Of all the things I could wish for my children, the two things I want for them most, is peace and happiness. I will encourage them to follow their own dreams and to dream big and in colour, but while following those dreams to make sure that they hurt no one on the way, and to weigh up the cost of that dream against the quality of their lifestyle while achieving it. I want them to know that we all deserve our hearts desire, but we all know at the end of our time here that material things aren't worth having if they come at the cost of our personal peace & happiness.

Life's success is measured in many ways; it is not something we have but something we feel.
Those who live their lives with love, generosity and kindness will in any given situation feel successful, peaceful and happy.
Joy in Life.
That is my greatest wish for my children and all who share their lives with them.

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