Tuesday, 18 September 2012

on Fitness -:- to run or not to run

I'm sitting in my office surrounded by beautiful things; hot pink feathers, black lace, billowing satins & tulle. I can smell the divine fruity scents of lush body products, it's cozy & comfortable. The rain is falling heavily outside and the house is filled with the soulful sounds of Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald. This is my happy place when my family are out doing their thing, this is where I love to be, where I can get creative & just be me!
But I have a decision to make, to run or not to run!! I have a nagging, winging voice inside my head saying... you can't run today...it's pouring outside...your tired...your premenstrual...you haven't vacuumed [that's a stretch]...you've got no motivation! And then I hear the PT's voice chime in...motivations got nothing to do with it...run or don't run...it's a simple choice, but what ever you do...it's on you, your responsible for what your choice means for you!
Hmmmm....I guess I run!

So I pull on my joggers & I'm out the door, the rain is chilly after some really hot January weather, which is strange for the first day of February, but as I break into a slow run it becomes refreshing and now I'm on the move I'm quiet grateful for it. As I count the minutes backward with every step I take, 45 minutes pass more quickly than I expected and before long my run is over, now I'm more than ready for my strength work out. I feel great, almost jubilant that I have put another run behind me...I know I have made the right choice because that nagging voice inside my head has gone!

It's a simple choice we make:
...do it / don't do it
...eat it / don't eat it
...say it / don't say it
...think it / don't think it
...write it / don't write it
but what ever the choice is, take responsibility for it.

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