Monday, 17 September 2012

Our Amazing Bodies!

Now in order to be kind to my body
& myself I make sure of this  !
Have you ever stopped to think about what you put your body through? I hadn't really until recently, I had been swapping pregnancy stories with a girlfriend and then we started to talk about all the different shapes our bodies had accommodated us with over the years!

This is what I have put my body through; I wonder what you may have done to yours!

When I was a teenager I had a naturally fit and athletic build, without having to do anything at all to maintain it and all the while eating absolutely anything I liked. 
This was a blessing at the time...but during my twenties & thirties became a curse as I still ate what ever I liked thinking I would naturally keep my athletic build without looking after my body, so my weight often fluctuated, with me only bothering to make the odd attempt at a fad diet & exercise programs here & there! Although in my youthful naivety I didn't treat it with the respect it deserved my body still took care of me, stretching when it needed to & snapping back into place when I tried that bit harder to be healthy.

Then came it's greatest challenge to date! At 38 I fell pregnant with twins, my husband and I were thrilled and my body amazed us both with it's ability to grow, create and accommodate. The minor weight fluctuations it had experienced earlier were know preparation for the necessary 30 kilo gain and 100cm waist measurement it experienced as I reached 32 weeks. I am only about 153cm tall so it was a blessing to get this far, my body could not physically stretch any further and yet still managed to deliver two beautiful, healthy 2kg babies, although 8 weeks early.

The next truly amazing thing my body did was naturally start shedding the extra weight that I had needed during my pregnancy. I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but within about 9 days I had lost about 17 kilo in fluid through night sweats! Nobody had told me that this might happen; I was up once or twice a night changing my bedding & night clothes, not easy with a caesarean.

Then my milk came in, my once small A cup bust size had now grown to a very large DD and my body fed my 2 babies until their first birthday. By this time it had gone back to its original size, including my boobs, which thankfully were not stretched out of all proportion and there was not a stretch mark in sight. Some say I was lucky, I say my body looked after me in the hope that maybe down the track I might return the favour!

That time came, but not until after I had gone back to my old ways, my body had literally pulled itself back together after my pregnancy without any help from me and I let it down again. By the time my babies were 3 the incidental exercise which I had gotten through looking after 2 tiny babies lessened a little, but my appetite didn't, so the kilos started to sneak on again. Fast forward 4 years & I was as unfit as I had ever been and had gained 2 dress sizes.

Sick of hearing me complain I eventually received an email message from my Free PT [more about him later...he deserves his own blog] saying Training Starts Tomorrow, it did and almost 12 months on I'm still getting my daily work out emailed to me. I'm doing the workouts consistently, eating better and drinking lots more water so now my body is fit, strong and healthier than it's ever been.

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