Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Peace, Balance & a Crazy Adventure

The last two years have been nothing if not an adventure. Starting with a simple goal to get fit, and then kicking into high gear just before our family holiday last November. While elbow deep in holiday packing, I found myself being bombarded with a constant nagging, self talk....or should I say inner thought of "take your Reiki books with you", every time I went to organise something for the trip... " Reiki books! Reiki books! Reiki books." Yet I hadn't  so much as glanced through any of these books in a very long time.
I had carefully packed away each of my much loved, dog eared metaphysical books, just before my babies were born, almost 8 years before, sure that one day I would want to read them again. Now the mission was to find my book box, which was most likely hidden underneath many other boxes, all filled to overflow with once loved and discarded but too precious to part with toys, clothes and car parts. Yes car parts, but that's another story. 

Because that one incessant  thought would not go away, I now had a mountain to climb, or should I say a mountain of work to do. In more ways than one!

Find that book box I did, and am I glad, because as it turned out, I was able to jump straight back into to where I had left my spiritual studies all those years ago. Just by leafing through my books, by the pool I might add, I found myself reconnecting with my inner light. This bought a level of happiness, peace and relaxation to my holiday that I hadn't expected. We all know that even while staying at a lovely resort, it can be difficult to relax with a busy family in tow. My girlfriends and I often have a chuckle about our family holidays being more like a business trip then anything remotely relaxing, but relax I did and so therefore the rest of my over active but completely loveable family did too.

My light has been switched back on, and a new journey has begun. After spending the year prior to our holiday regaining my fitness, it is time now to make another lifestyle change, and stick to it. The challenge? Adding peace and balance to my life while in the pursuit of wisdom. As a busy Mum, it's easy to forget to put yourself anywhere near the top of any list. Yet the entire family depends on Mum to be happy, healthy and well. We need to remind ourselves that we have to give us what we need, along with everyone else under our loving care. Even if it's just some time, some understanding and some quiet. 

So this is the year that I will strive to reclaim some quiet time. Yes, some me time. How? I hear you you ask. By consistently adding some meditation and quiet contemplation to each day, which I hope will help me conquer all of the new and thought provoking challenges that are coming my way. It has taken me many years to get a handle on the amazing practice of meditation. With small steps I am finally getting the hang of it, and as I do, I am making quality time for me, receiving plenty of peace and understanding from within, and spending precious me time doing something that makes my heart sing...yep, it's ticking all of my peace & harmony boxes.

However the one very surprising thing I was not expecting to find through meditation was a mission, a plan that would set me on the path of discovery, of which I hadn't dared imagine...but always kind of knew was out there.

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