Monday, 17 September 2012

Q: What makes a great Lemonade Stand??

More cool Lemonade drinkers!

A: Wonderful family, friends & neighbours!

About a week ago after a get together at the Saunders house, Luca, Tyra & Bades brainstormed their first entrepreneurial idea! The Lemonade Stand would be their first venture into the world of business, and they were ready! There was lot's of excitement over the next week, with advertisement & marketing signs drawn up a plenty!

Now I couldn't bare the thought of our 3 little entrepreneurs going to all this trouble & no one turning up, so I sent out an event invitation to some of their little friends mums & dads on facebook and un be known to the lemonade crew, customers were on their way!

The big day came and there were customers waiting before they even finished setting up! One little fella came back 3 times....they were on a winner. Selling over 60 cups of lemonade, magic cordial & ice water all together, they couldn't believe their success!

So I would like to shout out a huge thank you to our family, friends and neighbours for bringing yourselves & your kids along to join in all the fun, along with the boys & girls that turned up because of the fantastic signage, strategically placed on light poles around our street by the Lemonade was a big effort all around!

The Lemonade Crew -:- Luca, Trya & Baden

The Lemonade Crew with their Junior Tyler

" Customer" all hands on deck.

The Crew only left their Stand to ride with their was a pretty cruisie affair!

The Lemonade Stand...temporarily deserted while the crew ride!

Mum's & Dad's enjoy a stroll after their Lemonade!

Nathan joins in the ride!

Some of the Cool Lemonade Drinkers!

Keep that Lemonade up to them Bades.

Torz & Brad look thirsty!

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