Monday, 17 September 2012

Teagan Lee Pitman is getting Married!

Callie, Kahli & Teagan

Yes, Teagz is getting married and I can't believe it as it only seems like yesterday that she was still our little girl! You see Teagan is my niece, she came into this world with her twin sister Kahli and they were the first grandchildren and nieces on both their Mum & Dads side of the family.
The Pitman & Maddalena families know each other well, Sue & Mike were high school sweethearts and have been married for 27 years, so those of us who are old enough have known each other for more than 30 years. Deb, Andy, Brendan and I, on Sues side along with Kim, Steve, Graeme & Maria on Mikes, have all had the greatest privilege of watching with much pride & joy their four gorgeous girls Teagan, Kahli, Jordon & Tori grow into amazing young women, as well as watching each others children grow as one by one we all added to our families, sometimes in two's. And that's before I even mention Poppy Brian, Nanny Noo, Poppy Dennis & Nanny Shirl without who none of us Maddalena or Pitman's would be here or be the people that we are....the most important of whom this week is The Bride To Be, and yes tears are flowing freely as I write this!
So, I can only imagine the tears of pride & joy that Sue & Mike, my wonderful sister & brother-in law are going to share on Teagan's big day! I know there will be many a brief flashback to days that don't seem that long ago.
It is with much excitement that we, Teagan's family of Maddalena's & Pitman's all look forward to her Wedding Day, not only because it will be a beautiful day for our beautiful girl, but because she is marring her wonderful Andrew, or Eggo as we call him, who loves her with all of his heart and whose family I'm sure are all as happy & excited as we are!
And so the next generation is set to begin...although not to soon please, as I don't know if there are enough tissues available just yet to wipe the tears of joy away for which that announcement will bring, as we are saving them all for Teagan & Eggo's Wedding Day xx

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