Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We are what we eat!

Are we what we eat? Yes we are. Of course that's just my opinion and I'm sticking to it. For many years I was one of those people who thought that I could eat anything and that my body would cop it sweet and carry on, and for many years it did....god bless it, because I haven't always been kind to myself.

It wasn't until I witnessed the harmful effects that food can have, through my sisters experience with her gorgeous children that I realised I had to shake up my lazy bones and not only look at what I was putting into my mouth but also the mouths of my children. And I am not talking about obesity or weight gain here, I am talking about other physical and behavioural issues that can present and go on completely miss understood.

With my sisters encyclopedic knowledge of food preservatives and additives at my fingertips I was able to make some changes through simply swapping, rather than stopping what we were eating. Sometimes it was as easy as changing brands others it was finding alternatives, and although initially there was a little time invested in making the changes, the peace it bought to our home was amazing. 

Behavioural issues that I was blaming on tiredness, possible bullying and even at one stage thinking that there may have been a problem between one of my children & their teacher, all but disappeared over a matter of weeks.

So recently when a group of Mum's were approached to help implement some healthy changes into our school canteen I was happy to put my hand up as a supporter, as currently I prefer my children to take packed lunches to school, that way I know what they are eating. 

Some people may think that we possibly don't need to look at making these changes, as children need to have choices. I couldn't agree more with giving my children more choices, and will be extremely happy when they have many more healthy options to choose from.

As their parent, I think I am still in a position to have some say over what my childrens choices are, and knowing the wonderful community I live amongst I am guessing that there would not be a parent out there who would be against bringing healthier options to their children through their school canteen. 

I look forward to watching our canteen become a model for other canteens to aspire to, and assisting where I can.

Good work and thank you to all those involved in helping to make this happen and doing so with only the best interests of our schools children at heart.

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