Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Peace and quiet contemplation

"So in life, some enter the service of fame and others of money, but the best choice is that of these few who spend their time in the contemplation of nature, and as lovers of wisdom."
~ Pythagoras (570-490 B.C.),
"The Father of Philosophy"

I came across this beautiful piece of wisdom in one of my favourite Doreen Virtues books recently, it really resonates with my life at the moment. I have heard it said that for all things there is a season, and I think this is true for all situations, none more so than the many different seasons we pass through in our lives.

We will have friends that come, become a part of our life and move on, we will have friends for a lifetime, but none will be more important than the others, as they will have all had a unique purpose, a lesson to teach...good or bad, to enrich our lives. The same can be said for our many or few jobs and interests that may come and go or stick like glue.

We are made of every experience we go through, and so for all things there has to be a season.

I hope I am now entering a long season of peace and quiet contemplation, of course mainly when the kid's are at school and my husband at work. At most other times, our house is a mad house! As I enjoy this season, surrounded by my family who are all moving through their own life seasons, I will gather much inspiration and I hope a little bit of wisdom. Along the way, teaching my children the value of peace and a quiet mind and the importance of enjoying every experience and each moment as it unfolds. I find that really exciting.

Where the next season of my life will take me I can't be sure, I guess only time will tell. But I am ready for all the wonderful experiences ahead and whatever the universe and all who watch over me may have in store!.

May peace find you, no matter what the season you're enjoying right now.

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