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Out of the Spiritual Closet

Out of the spiritual closet   
Because my spiritual beliefs are probably not traditional in any sense of the word, I have often felt uncomfortable expressing them or discussing them publicly...I choose not to be uncomfortable any more.
I have had a keen fascination with and studied Reiki along with researching the Angelic Realm, on and off, now for more than a decade. Only sharing this with those who know me well. Up until recently I had chosen not to share my strong beliefs and practices publicly due to the fear of a lack of understanding from my wider community, of a belief system that not everyone understands. Now with complimentary therapies such as Reiki gaining more recognition in today's society, I have come to realise that it has been my own fear that has held me back from doing what I love and am passionate about. And I am now ready to come out, loud and proud, to enjoy and share my passion with all those interested.

I have often had people ask me, now that my children are at school, "what do you do all day", again up until recently I've never felt comfortable saying "oh, when I'm not looking after the children, cooking, cleaning and running errands, I spend my spare time praying, meditating and surrounding others with positive, loving energy in the hope of bringing more peace to their lives." It even sounded a little crazy to me for quite some time.

Although I choose to pray to God, as that is how I was raised, my spiritually is non denominational and I love sharing conversation with all who find themselves on our Quiet Room Page or send messages to me, no matter what their personal beliefs are and I would never tell another how or who to pray to. I strongly believe that what ever your personal beliefs are, if they are bringing peace to you then they are right for you. 

In prayer, I mostly speak my mind, to great effect. I don't always get the answers I'm looking for or want, but yes the answers do come. I also, often use wonderful guide prayers that I have found in many different books over the years, the most beautiful usually coming from one of my many favourite Doreen Virtue books, collected over time. When sharing prayers or affirmations with others, as learnt through Doreen's teachings , I suggest that those wishing to also use them, tailor them to fit their own needs and belief systems. 

I am happy to say that I am now practicing Reiki for Relaxation sessions more regularly, as time permits.

Reiki for Relaxation Sessions
For those that aren't familiar with Reiki for relaxation here is a brief explanation of what it means to me:
Reiki  for relaxation sessions are ideal for restoring optimum balance and harmony to all levels of our wellbeing. Mind, body & spirit. Safe and gentle yet very effective, it can be used on absolutely anyone including infants, children and the elderly. Reiki for Relaxation sessions are wonderful for bringing deep peace and serenity to the mind and emotions. They can also help with facilitating the release of negative thought patterns and destructive emotional patterns which can cause strong feelings of stress and dis-ease. The perfect excuse, if you need one, to slow down and take some time out from your busy schedule to bring some peace, relaxation and kindness to you.

How it works
Reiki works by using ancient sacred symbols which "dial up" the universal life force energy. I as a conduit for the energy, help connect you with it, through the symbols and different hand positions during a relaxation session.
I invite Archangels Michael, Raphael and the healing angels to watch over and guide each session. In doing so combining the loving care and guidance of the angelic realm with the ancient practice of Reiki to bring about a beautifully relaxing, caring experience.

Giving and receiving are equally important 
Back in the days of communal living, those who practised Reiki and the like where looked after by their community in the way of food and shelter for their service. Today of course this isn't the case, being that communal living is no longer the way a majority of us live, we now show our gratitude in more conventional ways. 
By giving and accepting payment for service, we perform an energy exchange where the giving expended is balanced by the payment received. [with thanks again to the teachings of Doreen Virtue for helping me to understand this]

As a conduit for our Reiki for Relaxation sessions, and so all those who find me can enjoy our sessions regardless of their financial situation, I am grateful to accept payment in the way of a donation of their choice for each session. I appreciate this expression of gratitude immensley. Just as I am more than happy to give a donation of gratitude, or what ever the  practitioner's payment policy is that I visit.

This is an example of some of the hand positions that may be used during a Reiki for Relaxation Session.

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