Monday, 26 November 2012

Holidaying with Raphael

The first week back after our annual holiday on Queensland's beautiful, busy Gold Coast is always a difficult settling period for me. I find it hard to unpack and get back to our daily routine because then I have to admit that the holiday is over for another my apologies for not blogging more, I am endeavouring to do better.

There were so many fabulous things about our holiday. Just a very relaxed, happy time for our family and although wild summer storms hit the Gold Coast a couple of times that week, they always seemed to miss us. Except for a couple of warm over cast days we enjoyed beautiful sunny weather. Suffice to say there wasn't a dull day had and we always come home thinking that a permanent move is never off the table. I could write on and on about the things we got up too but what I would really like to share, is the small miracle that happened on the way there.

As I lay down to sleep the night before we left, I asked that Archangel Raphael join my family on our holiday with this Prayer:

A Prayer for my Families safe Travel:
Archangel Raphael
I ask that you join and stay with my family as our travelling companion on our family holiday.
Thank you for ensuring our safe passage and arrival, with good weather and accommodation taken care of in wonderful ways, thank you for helping our trip to be especially fruitful and pleasant and thank you for seeing us home safely when our holiday comes to an end.

We left the next morning pretty much on schedule [a miracle in itself] and although it's a day long drive, the kids travelled well with little complaint and the traffic flowed. We were less than an hour from our final destination when Brendan commented that it was probably the quickest trip for us yet, since having the kids. These words had no sooner left his lips when it seemed every car heading in our direction was flashing their lights at us. I said to him "This doesn't look good", and then I silently asked Archangel Raphael that if there was an accident ahead to go to it in case he was needed.
Brendan pulled over as soon as it was safe to do so and went to help, he updates his first aid certificate for work every year, so was willing to assist in anyway, if needed. Thankfully one of the other people that had also stopped to help was a doctor.
Brendan and the man from the car in front of us who was soaking wet from head to toe and was first on the scene, came back to make sure their families were OK and to shift our two cars to a safer place, while they were waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. They were both pale and in shock, we finished moving our cars and they then returned to the accident.
It was about 20 minutes before Brendan returned, as the emergency services were now there we could go, that's when he let me know what had happened.

There were two women in the car, the elderly woman was driving and her passenger was her severely disabled daughter. It seemed that the driver may have fallen asleep and veered off the road into the river. There were no skid marks, so it is doubtful that the brakes were applied. The man who was first on the scene and the doctor attempted to get the women from the car, but were unable to get the car doors open before the car devastatingly submerged with both women trapped inside. Miraculously both woman then floated to the surface on their own. At the time of us leaving the scene of the accident nobody was able to explain how this happened. Both woman were bought to the river bank and kept comfortable until the ambulance arrived.

The only explanation we have come up with as to how the ladies got out of the car, so far is this, the human spirit in the face of dire circumstance is incredibly strong, the super strength that a parent finds to save their child is undeniable, and Gods Grace with Archangel Raphael's assistance was both a blessing and a miracle in action.

I have nothing but gratitude for all involved.

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