Thursday, 13 December 2012

our 2012 school year is almost over

Tyra & Baden with Dad ready for one of
their favourite school events - Anzac Day

Today I was lucky enough to sit with all the other Mums and Dads at OBPS in anticipation of our end of year school presentation. And if I didn't appreciate it enough already i was reminded of what a fabulous community I live amongst. Our school is everything you could hope for, with dedicated teachers and staff and amazing young students that try their hardest most of time to be the little people we expect them to be. While at other times they're trying their hardest to be kids, which we as adults have to remember is important too.

I watched as those who received awards were applauded, and those who din't were reminded that they should feel incredibly proud of all they have achieved throughout the year, because award or not their efforts had been noticed and then they were encouraged to give themselves a pat on the back, which they did with good humour and much pride.

By the end of the presentation not only was I a very proud parent but I also felt very much apart of a fabulous community. And as I watched all of these little faces, some just finishing their first year of school and some their last year of was not for the first time this year that I have confidently thought, our world is in very good hands.

I have to make a special mention of Tyra & Baden's teachers Nola & Kye who have both been such positive influences for my kids this year, and because of this our year has flown... Tyra & Baden have both done so well in their classrooms, lucky are the girls and boys they teach next year. Of course there is one last but not least mention that goes to our wonderful Principal this year, Debbie...what a fabulous year this has been for our school, thank you.

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