Saturday, 16 February 2013

a busy year so far

A busy year so far already? Absolutely! I can't believe that we are a month and a half  into 2013, and I am only just making my first blog entry for the year. So in brief the new year is shaping up beautifully. Happy healthy, busy kids and husband...check. Family members taking holidays of a life time, some moving house, another expecting a child, and there is also new romance! My parents have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and my husband and I, our 14th. Yes all of this has happened or the news of it has been shared since December. My head is still spinning, but if the rest of the year has this much good news tucked away, then I am one lucky girl.
And for me personally, besides good health and happiness, well what more can I ask for...yet there are some wonderful and exciting things ahead that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into too! 
Live, Love ... Life ! Gratitude!

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