Sunday, 17 February 2013

my life my way

Why I do what I do.
Hello Monday! What a lovely, busy weekend we have had catching up with family and getting to know lovely new friends. Lunching out yesterday was wonderful and the perfect relaxing atmosphere to share stories and experiences that help you become familiar with new people coming into your life. Especially when you have a sneaking suspicion they may be in your intimate circle for quite some time to come. You know, however that eventually that “what do you do with your time now the children are off your hands” question is going to come up. Yet it always catches me by surprise, as quite honestly I have never sat opposite someone and asked what they do with their time while they are at work, or play for that matter and if they find it boring. And yes that was asked too, without judgement or malice, but with a definite sense of curiosity and puzzlement. For the life of me I can’t understand why people think it’s strange that I choose not to work outside the home now that my children are out of the house [this does not mean they are off my hands] for 6 hours a day.…I'm having a little deja vu moment and think I have covered this subject before, but here we go for the last time :)

This is a story about my situation and my choices, and I have a complete and clear understanding that there are those who would like to make similar choices and can’t, and also those that wouldn't make the same choices if they could. I also understand that each family creates the happiest family life they can and that often means something different for each and every one of us, including families of two where children have not or may not come along.
But as I said, this question was asked in relation to my circumstances and situation and not for the first time I might add, so  this is my answer from my personal perspective, and in future I will direct this question when asked, and it will be again…to my blog!

Firstly, when asked what I do with my time, my short answer is “I live a wonderful life.” I have chosen a position that is full time, 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year. I am never off duty; I don’t take weekends off unless there is an extraordinarily good reason to do so.  I think I probably have done 4 times in 9 years, I have not, to this day taken a holiday from my job but do have the perks of several business weekend trips a year and at least one week long business event…mind you business trips can be exhausting, but are lots of fun. I don't ever anticipate retiring from my position, but can foresee a little more me time in my future.....she laughs to herself nervously not knowing if this is actually true!

So for six hours a day, five days a week I have quiet time, this is when I socialise, exercise, meditate and generally do the things I need and like to do for myself, without my family in tow. That is of course usually after the house is clean, the laundry done, errands run and the cupboards full.  Then of course I'm on call sick days for kids and husband, not to mention when nits come calling, which is usually around 10 to 9:00 on a school day morning. And when you have kids at school they will come, and probably more than once a year per child! So that six hours a day is usually about 2 hours on a good day and I am grateful for it. Besides the hours I am asleep, the rest of my time is full of love, laughter, fights, frustrations and the noise and excitement of a busy family life. I do this all for love, as it is not a paid position, after all it’s just raising the next generation. But the sacrifice in family income is worth it, to me and hopefully my husband, but I can not speak for him. And of course for our children. I don't have time to factor boredom into this equation and  I wouldn't have it any other way… I love my life, and don't make any apologies for the way I choose to live it.
This is my life my way and I hope everyone reading this is happily living their life their way....because in the end there are no opportunities for do overs. 

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