Sunday, 26 May 2013


I love it when wisdom is passed on to me unexpectedly, this made so much sense I had to share...

It's not uncommon to hear stories of people winning large sums of money only to lose it again not long after. I know I have always wondered how this could happen, of course assuming if I were to come in to a large sum of money, I would be set for life. But would I be? Would you be? It's an interesting question.

What follows is the wisdom that was shared with me by the wise...

A financial windfall is nothing more than a superficial change. Most would not change anything significant if found holding a winning ticket. Familiar life patterns and set thought systems would be maintained, and  the same dramas and stories would be played out, only in more comfortable or luxurious surrounds.

If someone is unhappy with who they are, a windfall will make no difference, as more money and things don't change the person, they change the situation. If there is unhappiness with self before, there will also be unhappiness with self after, unless there is a change in thinking and doing.

There must be a realization that you are not the sum of your past memories or future maybe's. You are who you are at this very moment. You are already an amazing person.

You are love and kindness, peace and joy. You are unique and irreplaceable. You must seize the moment, believe in it and live in it. That is the only place real changes can be made. The sooner you make that choice, the more prosperous and meaningful your living will become.

Thank you to those who share their seem to bring perfect words of the wise to my attention just when they're needed...I hope others reading this post receive as much from it as I do. 

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