Monday, 23 September 2013

wishes in a Jar

The Reiki box technique is simplicity itself, an age old tradition of surrounding wishes, prayers, hopes & dreams with the positive, loving energy that is Reiki. (In my case I use a Reiki Jar because I like to see the little pieces of folded paper holding the requests that I am sending positive energy to.)

Traditionally, a Reiki Box is, quite literally, a box, in which notes are placed with written or drawn situations or “requests”, along with photos of whom Reiki is to be sent to on a regular basis, using sacred symbols and loving intent.
When I do my weekly distant Reiki treatments, I also use my Reiki Jar full of all requests & photos that have been sent to me, placed on slips of paper inside my Reiki Jar, sending Reiki to everyone and their situations. I personally clear and release all items within my Jar several times a year. You can send in as many requests as you the energy itself we have no limits.

If you have a situation, event or request that you would like surrounded and blessed with loving Reiki energy, please add it to the comments section here, or join us on facebook & use our page message tab if you wish to add something privately.

I work with this method of positive energy sharing on a weekly basis and love that i can share beautiful Reiki energy blessings with an infinite number of people at one time, as my intent is always to surround the situation, request or event with love & positive energy, each individual request receives just what it needs

This is my gift to you, I hope it helps you in the way you need it most.
Callie xx

* if you wish to add a photo please message your pic to me and I will print it and add it to the Jar. By sending me an image you are giving me your permission to use it in my Reiki blessing Jar. Thanks :)

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