Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I love a good selfie...

I really do love a good selfie or even a not so good one, any photo for that matter. I have always taken lot's of photo's, of friends, family, locations, holiday's, yes food too, and lot's and lot's of babies, toddlers and kids.... my two and my nieces & nephew in particular. I am not a great photographer, but on the odd occasion that I take a photographic walk down memory lane I realise, over the years I have been a really good photographic record keeper.
Pre digital, I have albums and boxes aplenty brimming with smiling faces and good times. Then I got my first digital camera when Tyz & Bades were about two, it was great because if you took a crappy photo you could delete...only I can't...I just can't press delete on those precious faces, the result, thousands of photo's on discs, hard drive and of course the computer itself. A familiar story I'm sure!
And this is where the selfie becomes important, especially I think to Mums. I realised a few years ago, out of the thousands of photo's we have accumulated as a family,  I had been in very few of them, because I have always been the very willing photographer. My personal photographic record had almost ceased, so I like millions of others embraced the selfie, although very few of them make public appearances, they are there...after a bit of a timeline gap I'm on record again.
So keep those selfies coming people, and to my friends in particular I love it when I see your selfies on my facebook timeline or instagram,  I for one always return your smile xx

P.S my number one selfie tip...aim for a minimum of one a month, because time fly's when you're having fun and please, keep your clothes on! Even if it never see's the light of day publicly....you and your kids or future kids will love looking at them down the track :)

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