Tuesday, 1 October 2013

the healing power of touch

how gentle touch helps
It’s very common these days to live most of our lives unconsciously, on auto pilot in our heads. We usually spend more time thinking about what we didn’t get done yesterday or have still got to do tomorrow, rather than living in the moment, now. Are you creating the constant chatter of criticism, to-do lists, decisions and worries in your head? It’s a modern day epidemic…

This mental chit chat can disconnect us from our body and drain our energy. It can create a form of stress that over time pulls energy from our body and keeps it stuck in our head, making it difficult to allow ourselves the rest and relaxation that we need. Even sleep can become more difficult, as it becomes harder to quieten our mind, further drawing on our depleted energy levels.

Regular touch can help, as it can establish a mind-body connection helping to:
• Decrease anxiety
• Increase the number of white blood cells
• Lower blood pressure
• Increase endorphin levels (your feel-good hormones)
• Help you sleep better

It’s time to take your health into your own hands and feel the power of gentle healing touch. There are a multitude of natural, complimentary therapy’s that can help, including reiki and massage.These natural therapies can be of great value to your well-being when used on a regular basis. But don’t forget the little things like holding hands, a kiss on the cheek and a loving hug with a special someone, which you can fit easily into your daily life with very little effort.

Who knows, you may just find that your relationships and your health benefit enormously!

NB: My thanks go out to my teachers along with the numerous websites and blogs that I found informative during the research for this and many other posts and articles I have written. Such valuable information that I share with much gratitude.

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