Saturday, 2 November 2013

1 one day and 10 the next...time fly's when you're having fun!

Yesterday my babies turned 10, double figures :D Within their birthday week they started going to the park to play with their friends without adult supervision, [half a block away, with tiny walkie talkies in pocket and never on their own] and our son went trick or treating for the first time ever around our neighborhood with mates, without his dad or I. I was maybe a little to overjoyed that my daughter still wanted her Halloween costumed Mum to come along, as up until this year Halloween has always been the four of us, Mum, Dad and two kids. 

All of a sudden they have grown into their new double figures, and through pangs of sadness mixed with much excitement for them both, I realise for the first time that children are the truest form of impermanence in practice that I know. The joy I feel at seeing them reach their milestones now is no different than when they first talked, walked or started is simply joyous and a privilege to watch these two beautiful young people grow from the best parts of their father and I, into the best people they can be.

Change is a wonderful thing and when it comes to the passage of time, we have little choice but to embrace it and enjoy the ride. So make sure you enjoy a fabulous year of being 10 Tyz & Bades. I look forward to sharing many new adventures with you both, even if some are through the stories you tell, now you're both becoming such independent young people.

I love you both 
Mum xx

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