Thursday, 27 February 2014

What’s happening in my Reiki World

my space prepared for a Reiki attunement 

What’s happening in my Reiki World…

What a busy start it has been to 2014 at , January was such a fun and sunny month. Being school holidays here in Australia I spent most of it at the beach with my husband (who for the first time in our 18 years together had time of work for the duration) and our two kids.

 What spare time I had left during that time, I spent studying Chikara-Reiki-Do, a modern and progressive system of self-connection techniques to Reiki Energy, and all that that module of natural therapy embraces. It has me very excited and I am looking forward to what is in store, for both myself and those who come to my we all get to try on new things.

February saw the kids settle back into school as year 5’ers, wow where has that time gone, and me becoming certified as a master/ teacher in the Chikara-Reiki-Do System of Reiki.
I have now attuned 3 students to CRD, who are all joyfully learning this beautiful gentle healing art and relaxation technique. 

It is March already, and I am looking forward to the change of season, crisp mornings and snuggle up nights, walks on the beach, more focus on meditation, cuppa's with friends, the odd movie, family time and sharing Reiki with all who seek it through my service.

The change of season brings with it a freshness, new beginnings and I time to start over. This doesn't mean that what has gone before wasn't fabulous, it just means it's done, and now it's time to embrace what comes next...

To finish I would like to share this beautiful quote with you, because I think it answers the “what is Reiki" question perfectly….

At its most simple, Reiki is a technique that quickly induces the relaxation response, a state that promotes healing and well-being. At its most profound, Reiki is a tool for spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, mental, and emotional healing on the deepest levels. 
~ Marianne Streich

May the month of March be a peaceful and happy month for all,
Love and light

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