Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Reiki ~ My personal practice and how it works for me!

I have found that the greatest healing I have experienced through regular Reiki self-treatment and practice, has come from within.

On some days it can be as subtle as catching myself in a moment of unconscious thought, checking my intent before opening my mouth and dealing with what may have been a negative situation in a more positive way.
Other days it can be more profound and I will have moments of absolute clarity about life and all that small yet precious four letter word means to me.

Yes I have felt the physical healing that the warm comfort of Reiki energy emanating from my hands can bring, easing a headache, relaxing over-worked muscles or helping a bruise to heal more quickly, are just a few. But it has been on an emotional and spiritual level that peace and understanding have come to me through consistent practice.
It is the practice that is key here; it is knowing that every day I am going to connect with an energy supply large than myself and say “just for today”…I will do all I can to be the happiest, healthiest, strongest me I can be. And by using Reiki as a practice and a daily treatment, just for today I know that I can.

Reiki is not a band-aid solution where one treatment heals all that ails me, (that would be a miracle cure) although I definitely do feel better after a single self-treatment. What it is for me, is a tool I use to aid my overall peace and well-being, by using it in my everyday living. Just like regular training sessions, meditation and eating well.

Just for today I will connect to life… and live well!

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