Tuesday, 25 March 2014

You dreamt WHAT!!!

For the last month or so I have been recording my dreams. I dream a lot, and if I write them down as soon as possible after I wake up, the details are still pretty clear. I had no idea that there was so much going on in my head while asleep!! Talk about getting completely honest with yourself.

Your dream-self pulls no punches, and really tells it like it is!

On interpreting, I have to say, that I am glad when you see a friend naked in your dream…that it has nothing to do with your friend! Your dreams are all about you baby. If you’re comfortable about seeing your friend naked it means something completely different than if you’re not. And watching a huge piece of meat cooking (obviously a completely different dream from the naked friend) in a hot, ancient oven from the inside, has an absolute wealth of information about what is going on in your life right now and how you REALLY feel about it. Who would have thought!

Note to self however, no matter how rich & informative the information received is, I would still rather not see my friend’s naked, thanks very much dream-self. Yet I can’t help but wonder just how accurate my imagination is J

So get that journal, keep it by your bedside and record those dreams, if not enlightening I am sure at the very least you will find it amusing and sometimes even a little confronting…are we really what we think? It can be very interesting finding out, when our ego is bypassed and our true self tells the story!

I have absolutely no qualifications as a dream reader and use this site ( http://dreammoods.com/ ) for my interpretations as it seems to cover everything, even the unimaginable … which is obviously imaginable if you can dream it…but you know what I mean. I have found that it’s got pretty much everything covered!

So dream on beautiful dreamers….and if you you’re game, interpret!

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