Monday, 28 April 2014

dreams & messages

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Quite early this morning I had a very clear dream. Although I love working on a good dream interpretation I didn't interpret this one. I think it was quite self explanatory.
I dreamt that there was a small digital camera mounted on my bedroom wall, and I knew it was energy sensitive. It kept moving slightly, like it was tracking something. I kept saying to myself.."it's just catching the light coming in the window". Then I heard a thought form that wasn't mine say..."no there are about 20 here."

I looked at the wall near the camera and there were now several stick figure pictures drawn there, and the one at the bottom was standing near a similarly drawn tree with a new little branch holding one leaf...under it were the words... " we are very proud of you."

I woke, sat up and stared at the blank spot on the wall...nothing there. But the message was still very clear, and I accepted it with a somewhat early morning dazed gratitude.

I have made many changes in my life lately. Embracing my spiritual journey and pursuing my life purpose. I am taking the steps needed to do what I love and I am following my heart. The meaning behind this dream was quite obvious to me on a "knowing" level. Those who watch over me are joyous that I have taken such positive steps forward and are showing me that there will be much support around me as I move forward and embrace the new beginnings I am creating.

I have to say I have had a fabulous day.

Maybe it's true, our Dreams are the books our souls are writing about our lives.

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