Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hello May...

The last month of autumn is upon us. I am looking forward to spending more time working from the beach this month and enjoying the beautiful clear, crisp mornings and natural healing properties of my favourite place to be, before the winter months settle in.

My family and I have enjoyed some of the most beautiful sunny days swimming, surfing, playing  and reading at the beach over the Easter school holidays, and I find it the most peaceful, relaxing and uplifting place to be.

So I have decided that I will be trying to send many of my distant treatments from our beautiful local beach throughout May, and hopefully some of my hands on treatments too, weather and time zone differences permitting. It is pristine, unpopulated and it has a great little street food kiosk right there, where I can grab a quick bite from when I'm finished. Perfection!

Beach Reiki
I'm busy working out how I can make myself a little more mobile so that I can easily offer hands-on Beach Reiki sessions to you [& Park Reiki overlooking the beach for those who don't really like sand between their toes when they go back to work or home]

I have been scouting possies for sometime now, and well... down on the beach...we're spoilt for choice. If the tide is high there are still several grassy areas at the park with beautiful views of the rolling waves to consider. I'm quite excited about putting this plan into action :)

I have found the perfect portable outdoor lounge and now just have to iron out the logistics, how to's, and adapt my treatments to suit..... I will start taking  Beach Reiki /Park Reiki appointments asap. Do we think our winter days will be too cold for outdoor relaxation to continue year 'round?? I guess we can just go with the flow, as I have a lovely cosy treatment room at home that can be used as a back up plan

For me the beach is the perfect place for wellness because there is something about being out in nature that soothes the soul and can bring welcome relief from stress, tension, anxiety and depression.

Whether it is the sound of the waves, that researchers have discovered actually alter our brain waves to a more relaxed, calm state...[which I can personally attest to as that is exactly what happens to me when I step onto the beach.] Or the fresh salt air that we breathe in when there, loaded with natural, healthy, negative ion-charged particles found in the sea-spray... so that just breathing in natures own natural remedy can leave us feeling revitalised, energised, calm and alive. Then their is the sun, being in the sunshine causes us to release endorphins which effect our emotions, strengthen our bones [through increased vitamin D by helping our body to absorb calcium] and of course it can boost our immune system and our mood. [always remembering to be sun safe of course...hats, sunnies & sunscreen]

Now if you're at the beach and you decide to go for a dip, the health benefits are greater again! [this is why I could never live anywhere else] We all know that the ocean is just one big therapeutic pool! The mineral salts that make up this gigantic health spa bath that nature has supplied free of charge, are known to help heal wounds, detox our bodies, reduce infection and help with pain relief and recovery. This is something we have known for centuries, yet I think we have forgotten just how healing the beach can be. And lets not forget that sand is a natural exfoliate! Brilliant!

So in my mind it stands to reason that Reiki; a gentle, non-invasive natural therapy that promotes relaxation, balance, stress relief and a sense of overall well-being, and the beach are a marriage made in heaven... I cannot wait to treat you there. :)

I am also considering a promotional tent at our local Markets so that I can get out and chat to you all, person to person...I'll keep you posted  :)

Callie's Quiet Room & Callies Reiki Practice  merge on facebook
I have recently merged my Community and Reiki Practice Pages on facebook. They are a vital way for me to stay connect with friends and colleagues within and interested in my industry, along with all aspects of wellness, mind, body and spirit. I have been able to both assist and learn from many people through managing these two pages. As things have become busier this year, it made sense to merge the two so that I can continue to reach out to others near and far without over committing myself time wise. You can now find us on facebook at Callies Quiet Room & Reiki Practice

 Workshops - Coming Soon
~with Ali Haigh & Callie Maddalena-Maloney
As you can see there is much going on right now and one of the most exciting things coming up are the Workshops that Ali and I have in development at the moment. We are currently putting our manuals and lesson plans together and look forward to sharing our workshops with you. Between newsletters you can also be kept up to date on our workshops by visiting us Callies Quiet Room & Reiki Practice  , The Cosmic Couch.. And this blog.

May...I love a Birthday Month
Yes this month is my birthday month and I will be turning the big 49. I am so excited to be putting the finishing touches on my 49th year and stepping into my 50th. As strange as it may sound, and as wonderful as my life has been up to this point ... I have always felt that in some way, for me, it would truly begin at 50. This is absolutely proving to be true when it comes to my work and what I hope to continue to do.  I have the promise of a new year and a new decade at my doorstep. And with a loving, supportive husband and two beautiful children with me, the excitement at what each day will bring is palpable. I'll keep you posted on this too ; )

I very much look forward to sharing peace, joy and kindness with you throughout another happy & peaceful year,

PS: What's HOT at Callie's Reiki Practice this month...
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