Wednesday, 14 May 2014

living the dream

I remember as the month of May started I mentioned that i would like to spend much of it at the beach, well that statement of intent has come to fruition almost every day so far  ....

I have had the good fortune again today to work from the beach, taking in all that goodness while sending out the most Distance Beach Reiki treatments in one day so far! Covering everything from, sleeplessness & business prosperity to the nervous system & skeletal/ muscle function..

I know when I send my distant reiki treatments from the beach that I notice a definite heightened feeling of strength and clarity to the energy I am working with, and I think from the popularity they are experiencing with my beach reiki clients, they are obviously feeling the difference too. So, as long as it is working for the highest good of all concerned I will continue to enjoy my beach side office [weather permitting] for as long as I can.

May Reiki Energy continue to flow freely through each person that receive these beautiful distant beach reiki treatments, helping them to support their own strengthened sense of peace, prosperity, vitality and overall wellness... ahhh! I love this work... I truly do feel like I am living the dream!

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