Sunday, 1 June 2014

Aunty Cal... luv Tyler!

A Testimonial from the Heart.
One of the most common questions I get asked, when I tell people that I practice reiki, is "what exactly is reiki", as there really are a lot of misconceptions out there about it.
My gorgeous four year old nephew, Tyler, has answered that question in the most beautiful way, after recently experiencing it for the first time. With his Mums permission I am sharing his testimonial and the story that led to it with you .

Last week we were all at our nieces birthday party and Tyler had a terrible reaction to something. Tyler's normal, is most of our worst nightmare. He suffers terribly from both allergies and intolerance's. When not in a controlled environment at home, a reaction can come on at any time, if he comes into contact with certain foods and chemicals [including perfumes].

At the party such a reaction happened, and it is the most heart breaking thing to witness. His eyes became puffy and watery and his skin flared red and angry as he tried desperately to scratch at his eyes, neck, head, arms and legs at lightning speed, leaving fine flakes of skin on his Mums black pants as he did. His Mum trying just as desperately, as calmly as she could to stop him from scratching his skin raw.  Having been through this scenario too many times to mention she along with his Dad did all they could to comfort him. When Deb asked if I would give him some Reiki I asked Tyler if that would be OK and he said No, the last thing he wanted was to be touched by anyone other than Mum or Dad. So I asked if I could put my hands near his back, and let the energy flow, being careful not to make contact and he decided that would be OK.

I felt him lean into the Reiki as he cuddled up to his Mum and after a little while he calmed down, stopped scratching, hopped off Mums knee and got back to enjoying the party for a while longer.

Today I got the note attached to this post in my mail box, and it bought tears to my eyes.
Tyler had asked his Mum to give him Reiki when he got itchy again yesterday, and when his Mum asked what it felt like when Aunty Cal gave him Reiki this was his reply...

"It feeled like love pumping into my skin and pumping all the old love out!"
~ Tyler 4yrs

After receiving reiki Tyler understood exactly what it is, and I believe it worked so well for him because kids [and animals] don't question that it will work, they simply trust and accept that it does.

Needless to say we are getting Deb booked in for a Reiki Connect Session ASAP. Then Tyler can have Reiki any time he feels he needs it...and there is no better person in the world to share it with him than his Mum.

That is why I love practicing, and teaching Reiki.

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