Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How you can help :)

Brendan and I are so fortunate to be going through this part of our journey surrounded and supported by so many wonderful family and friends, along with our amazing wider community.

My belief has always been that our thoughts and words carry weight, and can easily manipulate energy in positive ways.

So many of you have kindly asked what you can do to help. If you could continue to keep your thoughts and conversations about and around us as positive as you can, that would be awesome :) It's not always easy in these situations, but it is something everyone can do for us right now, and it would be so appreciated.

I think that we are strong enough to create what we focus on, think and say, ... aim right now, with your help, is to help create and maintain...extra strength, fitness, good health, peace and complete wellness for Brendan and our two gorgeous kiddos, I thank all of you for your help doing this through your positive thoughts, affirmation and / or prayers.

A peaceful, calm, stress-free, relaxed condition; supported by love and loving thoughts, along with the best medical attention we have available today in this country, is the optimum condition and circumstance for Brens bodies innate self-healing ability to kick in, and he has all of those boxes ticked.

Thank you all for being a big apart of his wellness team,
Cal x


"When you seek healing, place no thought on the illness (for you would not wish to multiply that), but Love that which is well until it multiplies and overtakes that which was lacking in health.

This is the miracle of gratitude: it multiplies whatever you appreciate. This is why it is so important when giving, that you give with Love. In that way, you multiply the gift.

You can multiply and expand anything. With enough Love, one thing becomes the many."

"Love is who you are and never forget it."


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