Thursday, 26 June 2014

just another day at the office

luckily so is my husband :)
Those of us with school age kids all know the morning hustle and bustle, it's how my work day starts as a stay at home Mum and after 5 and a half years we are a somewhat chaotic, well oiled machine trying to get out the door on time. Yesterday when the kids were ready to go, although still pulling shoes and socks on and stuffing lunchboxes into bags, we all jumped in the car and took off...I was dropping them at school and then going to a friends house to catch up for an hour before heading home again. The kids said goodbye to him, but in the mad rush I left my husband laying on the lounge without so much as a see ya later, do you need anything before I go...because I forgot he was here! I'm not used to having him around the house during the day!  No sympathy from me for his sore leg and limited movement at the moment, lucky he's the strong independent type and is already getting around better#thegoodwife

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