Thursday, 10 July 2014

cancer & complimentary therapies ... the way I see it!

Medicine has come along way in recent years, but it is the acceptance of natural and complimentary therapies both here in Australia and overseas that has impressed me the most lately. As most of you know my husband has just been diagnosed with cancer and I am prepared to be amazed over and over again with what medical science has in store for his recovery. Just for today however,  I am simply overjoyed that the extremely old and distinguished profession that is conventional medicine can now see the value of complimentary and natural therapies, in supporting both patients and carers undertaking their healing journeys. 

It is at Chris O'briens lifehouse that I have witnessed how beautifully complimentary healing modalities are being integrated with conventional medicine, with their vision to transform the treatment of cancer, bringing hope to the lives of cancer patients, their carers and families. Lifehouse has everything a patient needs in one place including complementary therapies. Their purpose-built integrative medicine centre the "LivingRoom"  provides supportive services, education and complementary therapy treatments that can be used to compliment and support clinical care, to help relieve stress, reduce pain and anxiety and to aid in the management of side effects.

As I am a qualified Energy Therapist, I have given Brendan daily treatments using Reiki techniques at home from when he first became unwell, and at times so have our two children as they are both connected to Reiki energy too. I know first hand the relaxation, comfort and support these treatments bring bring my husband, along with a enhanced sense of calm and a method of stress relief, at what has been the most difficult time imaginable for him. the children knowing how to use reiki techniques also gives them (and I) a tangible way to support him now without smothering him.  I am also relieved to know that natural therapies will also be available to him at times when the kids and I may not be able to be with him to share this beautiful, gentle hands on treatment with him, throughout his recovery and possible extended stays in hospital.

What exciting times we are living in that this is now more of an option for those who are interested in an extra level of support through natural therapies within their treatment plan.

PS: Always consult your doctor before adding any form of treatment ; natural or otherwise to your treatment plan.

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