Thursday, 10 July 2014

Friday the 11th, July 14 ...playing the waiting game

It's two days off one month since Brendan's initial consultation with his doctor at Sydney's Lifehouse, it's three weeks and four days since his biopsy and one week tomorrow since we received the biopsy results and heard the life changing news that he has a sarcoma in his right femur [it is the primary cancer]. We will know soon what the next course of action is. I spoke to Molly today, a pleasant, helpful girl in Dr Stalley's office, and she has assured me that Paul will let us know whats happening as soon as possible. I expect we will hear by tomorrow.
father and son

I know everything is unfolding as it should, divine timing in all things, but it truly has been a lesson in patience and a forced opportunity to put all of my reiki and spiritual teachings into practice. Throughout the past month Brendan has remained calm, upbeat and incredibly strong, I wonder often if I were in his shoes would I show that much courage, I hope I would, I also hope I or anyone else we know and love will never have to find out. Because it is challenging, frustrating and at this point in time out of our control. Day by day though... it is also doable and beatable.

Besides Brendan's personal strength of body and mind, there are a few factors that seem to be getting him [and those of us who love him] through at the moment; the love, support, kindness and generosity of family, friends and our community and the ability to laugh and maintain a sense of normality in everything we do... in any way we can, are at the top of the list. Whether it's catching up with friends and laughing about life in general, listening to the kids playing in the street with their friends while we are getting chores done, or hanging out in the backyard having a picnic lunch in the sun [even better when it's from Blowfish]. We are still doing all those wonderful little things everyday that make life extraordinary.

For me personally it is also writing about whats happening and sharing it here, I find it cathartic and comforting. When I see it written down it doesn't seem as challenging as it feels going through it, I'm not sure if that makes any sense to anyone but me...yet for me it helps make sense of everything .

Above all else we are trying to remember every day that it is a wonderful world that we live in, and beside this challenge we are overcoming at the moment, Brendan and I along with our two gorgeous kidlets are enjoying a wonderful life together...we are incredibly blessed. We are choosing not to let this define us, it is just one shitty part of our otherwise amazing shared life journey.

May love and light continue to surround us all :)

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