Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello August

Well it just doesn't feel like winter does it! A big blue sky and plenty of sunshine is making the first day of August feel much more like spring. This month is going to be another very busy month for my family, with two more trips to Sydney for Bren’s next two Chemo sessions planned. 

Of course this means I won’t be working on anything but getting my husband well, again this month. And that is exactly what I want to be doing. If it weren't for the circumstance I would have to say that I look forward to the month ahead because it has been quite wonderful spending so much time with Bren, although I'm not sure if he would say the same as my constant chatter about everything and anything is probably driving him mad!

I am missing my fledgling Reiki business though and look forward to relaunching it in the future, I am however getting plenty of daily private practice, and it has been a blessing for both Brendan and I to have a method of natural therapy available to us 24/7 to support us at this time... mind, body and soul. On this Cancer journey my family is taking, it is Brendan who is suffering this horrid disease, doing so with grace and courage, yet Tyra, Baden and I are touched by it also along with our family and friends...cancer has long and far reaching tentacles. We look forward to a time in the not so distant future when we have kicked it to the curb, once and for all!

Have a wonderful August everyone, I know we will! Remember spring is just around the corner, a time of renewal & new beginnings.

Here’s to exciting times ahead! 

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