Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dolly and Brian

I can only imagine what it must feel like to look back over 50 years of Marriage: I am sure that the world has changed in so many ways, and in that time mum & dad have  built a life, a business and retired together. Working side by side on the boat when they needed to, along the way they became the parents of new borns, toddlers, primary schoolers, teenagers and then adults who eventually would all make them grandparents.

my family...taken before Tyler man came along, also not in
this pic are Mick and Clayton 

We 3 girl; my two sisters and I, were raised with love and a lot of freedom. As long as we were honest, respectful and happy, we could do and be what we chose to do or be. We could have been street sweepers or garbage collectors and Mum & Dad would have been proud of us because in their eyes we'd have been the best street sweepers or garbage collectors in town. We grew up in a time where a village still raised a child, and they helped raise many,  it was not unusual that our friends would come to stay for a weekend and still be there two months later.
 If you needed a bed or a feed, or both it didn't matter what they had & still doesn't, mum & dad were happy to share it with whom ever needed it. When you find a friend in  Dolly & Brian you pretty much have a friend for life, so it wasn't unusual for one of us girls to bring a new boyfriend home for a visit and find an old one had found a bed for the night...or a job on the boat for a while, whatever they needed. That's just who Mum & Dad are...

I'm not saying there weren't some crazy & wild times growing up, because there were plenty of those too, I'm saying that we have an amazing family, we grew up in an amazing time and did it all in a little piece of paradise with an amazing set of parents leading us into a world that they had well and truly prepared us for...

Through thick in thin, ups and downs they have stuck together and there aren't too many people out there that have those bragging rights.
50 years...that's amazing!

You are our inspiration and we love you both very much xxx

NB: this post is from Jan 2013, for some reason it went unpublished, so here it is 50 years of marriage...a true inspiration and two truly inspirational people.

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