Saturday, 16 August 2014

Post Chemo #2 Day 9 .... feeling Good

Day 8 post chemo is usually turn a corner day, and day 9 is "if I don't find something to do I'm going to go crazy" day! Because Bren, for all intents and purposes has a broken leg ...yep the bone is compromised as it has a hole or crack in it and he is not to put more than 10 kg of weight on it in case it snaps, so he can't go far or do much...lucky he's good with his hands ;)

We love day 9, when for a few days at least we can feel a little "old" normal. before it all starts over again on day 14.

I never did like that movie Groundhog Day! 

but I love day 9 :) xx

PS: his adventures in the garage where followed by 2 hours+ couch time, but I'm pretty sure it was worth it ....just to get his hands dirty :)

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