Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday 10th of August, 2014… Hair today gone tomorrow

In the shower on Thursday when we were getting ready to go down for treatment number 2 Bren’s hair had decided to start falling out, just like that!  It was like OK today’s the day, and every time he put his hands near his hair some of it fell out. Ironically he had a pretty good head of thick hair for a man in his forty’s and had not a grey one in sight! That’s life :)

All done!

He had previously organised for his mate Dean to come out and buzz it off when the time came, Dean got the call and came out on Sunday to do the Job. They had worked together for many years and Dean had been trying to get the clippers to Bren’s hair for lots of those! So with plenty of jibes back and forth and lots of laughter the hair all came off… it was a bit of a momentous event for many reasons and Dean was the perfect man for the job. The kids were very much a part of the whole thing and didn’t feel at all sad about dad losing his hair, and for the most part neither did dad.

Nearly there

So, hair today- gone tomorrow! Instead of losing his power as Samson did when his hair was taken from him; by removing it himself, like many that have trodden this path before him, Brendan with a little help from Dean, Bades & Tyz, decided that he would stand in his!

Thanks Dean, from workmate to Barber!! :)

Another step has been taken along the path of recovery & healing. Thank you Dean for being a very important part of the journey!

Dads cheersquad!

Friday 7th of August, 2014

Chemo number two is now complete, and pretty much went off without a hitch this time. After a consult with Viv, the oncologist on the Thursday; Bren was feeling pretty good so we walked up to King Street, had lunch and then browsed some of the shops. We pretty much walked from one end of the street to the other, slowly with crutches, but it was a good indication that Brendan was going into his next round of Chemo, strong and ready!

Lunch on King

The next morning we hit Day Therapy bright and early, and without too much of a wait were called in by Wenzhu, Bren’s treating nurse for the day. A petite girl in her 20’s or 30’s…it’s so hard to pick the ages of these people because they all look really young to have the experience under their belts to do the amazing job that they do.
Wenzhu is fluent in two languages, maybe more, but I heard her using two. While she was treating Brendan she was also translating for the patient next door. With her hair pulled back in a pony and wispy fly aways escaping all over the place, the diamante clip trying to hold her fringe out of her eyes was failing miserably. In a gentle way Wenzhu was very matter a fact and left you with no doubt that she knew what she was doing. Everyone who had been on shift from the previous treatment all popped their heads in and said hello at some stage throughout the day…it really is a great team.

Our biweekly destination at the moment!

The only little hiccup for the day was caused by me! After about 4 or 5 hours had passed, I decided to give Bren a break from my company and went downstairs to take some photos of Lifehouse; the beautiful building where he is being treated, to share with our family and friends…as being so far away many of you had not seen it, and I know some of you hadn’t actually heard of it before Brendan started having his treatment there.

I was click, click, clicking away when a rather large security guard approached me from behind and in a rather scary voice said “excuse me, who are you working for?”. I turned around startled and told him that I wasn’t working for anyone, my husband was having treatment upstairs and I was taking photos to show our family and friends where his healing was taking place.” He listened intently, apologised profusely and said “oh, oh, OK, no that’s fine it’s just a few people had asked what was going on.” And so he left me in peace. It only occurred to me later that people just aren’t use to seeing others using a real camera anymore, as sad as that is in our high tech world of phones that can do everything except make a sandwich …call me old fashioned but I prefer the way a real camera works, maybe next time I’ll just give the security guard a heads up!

Lifehouse... Entry

With that little piece of drama out of the way... oh and the story I wasn't going to tell about me almost side swiping a poor guy in the lane next to me when we drove into the city. Driving tip from the nervous driver...always, always check your blind spot. I said to Brendan, "crap!!! whose fault was that?" He just looked at me with raised eyebrows and said "well it wasn't his!" and yes I am still shaking.

All things considered including bad driving, this second treatment went well. Half way through, the magnesium did make Brendan feel ill again though, so they stopped it before it could cause a reaction.

After 8 hours, chemo number two was done and dusted. 

now to recover from No# 2 to get ready for No#3 

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