Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rainbow magic and 7 days in the City

I am a rainbow girl, I love them and for me when I see them consistently over a short period of time...I know that  good news is on the way! Up until the last couple of weeks, the last time I saw lot's of rainbows...and I mean enough to know that it was beyond a normal occurrence and something big was about to happen was in the weeks before I found out I was pregnant with our babies. Now ten years later that same phenomenon is happening again. There are rainbows everywhere, the fact that Brendan is going through cancer treatment at the moment is not lost on me, call me crazy, but I think this is probably a little sign from above that he is in very good hands.

Sydney/rainbow image found on pinterest

So this week we are busy getting ready to spend 7 days in the city while Brendan has the tumour removed from his leg [the operation is on Tuesday], this will be the longest we have ever been separated from the children, or each other...although I will be at the hospital everyday, it will be the first time we have all spent so many nights apart. That will feel strange.

I am so grateful for the offer of support and accommodation from my my sister in-law Elizabeth, Holly and other wonderful friends in the city while Brendan is in hospital, but after much contemplation I have decided that I will stay at the Ibis and take this time in the evenings to spend reading, meditating and  practicing reiki. I will also be able to watch some tv in the wee small hours if I am unable to sleep, without waking everyone up. :) I am almost 50 and have never stayed anywhere on my own before... I think it is about time and will be a very good thing to do.

So look out Sydney here we come again, the sights and sounds of your busy streets have become a symbol of my husband's journey toward wellness and I am so very happy to have your beautiful arms wrapped around us yet again, protecting our future. We are now another step closer to recovery.
Life's good!

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